Friday, April 1, 2011

Christmas in April - Infertility Style

My box of meds came today.  I have to have them delivered to my work because they have to be signed for.  Getting the box felt a bit like Christmas.  It's the same feelings I've had for the last couple of boxes I've received.  However, I choose to look at this box as the box that is going to get me pregnant.  Not literally, of course.  :-)

The order is complete except I don't have my sharps container.  I called Freedom and apparently my doctor didn't "prescribe" one but they will send one out that I should get Tuesday.  I don't actually start injections until Monday.

I now have to try and fit everything in my book bag so that I can take it home.  Should be fun.  I can't leave any of my "presents" here!

My Lupron needs to be refrigerated and while I think the cold pack they have it in will be fine until I get home, I wrapped my silver insulated bag in an old Dress Barn bag, stapled it shut and put it in the office fridge.  The last thing I need is someone poking around and wondering why a Dress Barn bag is in the fridge.  That would be pretty funny...and embarrassing.

I have lots of syringes and I need a refresher on measuring out my Lupron.  I will ask about that tomorrow at my scan.  I know that one of the needles is used for mixing and the other is used for administering, just can't remember which is which.

I have lots of Gonal-f, too.  There is also mixing involved with that one.  I will definitely need to ask about all of this tomorrow.  Provided I don't leave there in tears because of a cyst or other complication.  Ugh, I don't want to think about that.

I have my oral Estrace and my vaginal Endometrin, my 2 pills of Zithromax for the night before retrieval and my HCG that BJ will have to administer...he just LOVES that part.  Not.

So I'm set and I'm ready.  I think.  I've been getting butterflies off and on all afternoon.  I'm hoping for a decent night's sleep but with the anticipation of tomorrow's appointment I'm not sure that will happen.  I'm going to try, though.  I'm also going to hope for the best.  I'm going to hope that this terrible bcp has done it's job.  It's terrible because my boobs are still super sore, I'm extremely fatigued and I have an insatiable thirst...I can't wait to stop taking them.  No cysts or other roadblocks tomorrow...smooth sailing with instructions to start my microdose flare protocol Monday!  (please, oh please!!)

PS - I'm trying to put a trip to Busch Gardens together for late Spring.  In my new positive way of thinking, I keep telling myself, "it's not like I'll be able to ride any roller coasters so BJ and the Little Guy are on their own."  (again, please, oh please!!)


A said...

happy "christmas"! i hope your appt goes great tomorrow and they can provide you with the refreshing you need!!

Alex said...

Oh how exciting! Nothing like getting that big box o'meds to make it seem real, is there? I have everything crossed that your scan tomorrow goes great and you can get started!!!

Stay off those roller coasters - for a long time... :)

Pie said...

Exciting!!! Good luck tomorrow, I'm hoping for the "all clear" for you to start shooting up!

Anonymous said...

Yay, all your meds are in :)
This is exciting stuff! Good luck with the appt tomorrow!

someday-soon said...

Let the games begin =) I'm wishing you the very best for your scan and am looking forward to hearing how it goes!