Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happiness Is...

 - writing this post...there are other things in my life going on right now other than just my IVF.

 - watching the Little Guy play his first kid pitch game last weekend.  They lost but it was close and very intense for us spectators.  He plays again tonight and I am hoping for a better outcome for him.  He didn't get to actually hit the ball Sunday...he was walked twice and hit with the ball once (just his hand, nothing serious).

- sitting in my living room and looking out the window.  The trees are finally filling in and we have a natural Dogwood that is in bloom and some other purple tree that has finally bloomed so we have some color back there.

 - watching hockey playoffs.  My team won in overtime last night and it was pretty exciting stuff.  I hope they can keep it together and actually be a real contender this year.  They deserve it as hard as they have worked.

 - staying home to rest today.  I started to get a very nasty sore throat yesterday afternoon and by the time I got home I could barely swallow it hurt so bad.  I decided to come home after my monitoring appointment this morning and get some rest.  I slept on and off for 2 hours and feel like I could take another nap.  I might just do that.  I need to be rested and as well as possible for my ER.

 - getting a personal call from Dr. M, my RE.  He personally called me an hour ago to congratulate me on my progress so far.  I will share the details after my call from the nurse comes in but I can trigger tonight and ER will be on Saturday!  He said he just couldn't resist calling me himself to give me the good news.  I was scared when I realized it was him on the other end and not my nurse.  The last time he called me was to give me the news that we were canceling the cycle.  Yay for trigger tonight!  Now, if I could just get my nurse to call with my times...soon hopefully.


Alex said...

I love this - there ARE other things other than IVF. During a cycle, it's so very easy to forget this. Nice job for keeping perspective!

And I'm very proud of you for realizing you need to stay home and rest! Taking good care of yourself is key! And I love that you got a personal call from Dr. M - love him! And trigger tonight - so very exciting!!!

someday-soon said...

So much happiness =) Sorry you are struggling with a cold or something. Hopefully a little rest does you well. GL to the Little Guy in his game tonight! And not to completly leave out IVF...can't wait to hear about your results from today.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Teejay! Just getting caught up, but so happy to hear how FANTASTIC this cycle is going!!!

Jenn said...

I love dogwoods, it makes it feel like spring is really here! I hope that your trigger goes well, and it's smooth sailing from here on out!