Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wow! A Blogging Award!

Tracy has graciously awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award!  I'm so excited!  Thank you so very much.

The rules are pretty simple:

◦Snatch the image. (done)
◦Link back the person who gave you the award. (done)
◦Share 7 things about myself. (see below)
◦Award 10 other bloggers and contact them so they know they’ve won. (will do)

1 - I went to 13 different schools during my 12 year school career.  I was a chameleon for the most part, able to blend in without too much work and without being noticed, most of the time.  It was much harder in High School but it's not like I had a choice.  Some switches were in the middle of the school year and those were tough.  I think it has made me pretty resilient.
2 - I'm technically an only child but I have 2 half brothers and 1 half sister from my mom and 2 half brothers from my dad and stepmom.  I haven't shared much about my family and siblings on here as a lot of it is pretty painful, but I will one day.
3 - I have a beta fish as a pet at work.  One of our employees was leaving at the end of 2008 and he couldn't take his fish with him so I volunteered to keep her.  She's red and very mean.  I named her Lucy after Lucille Ball.  I say she's mean because if I hold my hand over the top of the bowl she tries to jump up and bite me.  I know she's probably really a "he" but she's been Lucy to me since I laid eyes on her so that was that.
4 - I love beagles.  They are the cutest dogs and they have the best ears and the greatest bark/howl ever.  I wish I wanted a dog for a pet because I would totally have 2 beagles...no matter what my husband said.  My heart melts every time I see one of those calendars with little beagle puppies.  Two of our neighbors have beagles and I love them.
5 - I'm a huge hockey fan.  Many of you already know this about me.  I love my Capitals and I so hope they can get their shit together this year and make a serious run for (if not WIN) Lord Stanley's Cup.  It would fill my heart with such joy.  That must sound pathetic to some of you, but I've been a Caps fan for 16 years and they have never won the Cup and they hardly ever make it out of the first round of the playoffs...we are DUE!
6 - I love yellow roses.  I'm not much on flowery things as I'm not much of a girly girl, but BJ gave me yellow roses early on in our relationship and I have loved them ever since.  I had a bouquet of yellow roses at our wedding and the pew bows had yellow rose buds...it was lovely.
7 - I'm a chocoholic.  I love chocolate...really good, creamy chocolate.  I don't eat much of it so that when I do I take my time and enjoy every morsel.  My favorite is Godiva but I also love Dove.  Hershey is my favorite "cheap" chocolate.  I will hold a piece in my mouth until it slowly melts.  By that point, my entire mouth is coated in chocolaty goodness.  That also means that the flavor lasts longer and I eat less of it.  I actually have 2 dark chocolate Hershey miniatures on my desk right now waiting for me to eat this afternoon.  I can't wait.
I'd like to take this opportunity to bestow this award upon the following bloggers.  I love to read each of them for their very different writing styles and their very different takes on life.  Some of them have babies or are pregnant so consider yourself warned.  Without further ado, I give you:
Someday Soon
Sarah - a different Sarah


Alex said...

Thanks so much for the award - you're so very sweet!!! I think beagles are so very cute too - there's something about their sweet little faces - just makes you want to touch and pet them! Enjoy your chocolate!!!

Amanda said...

Congrats, you deserve it! Except for the fact that you're a caps fan. BOOOOOOO. Go Habs go!!