Thursday, May 10, 2012

2dp5dt - DE Cycle #1 (hopefully only)

At this point, the embryo should have shed its outer shell and started the implantation process. I hope that is what’s happening in there. Tomorrow, the little one should really be burrowing in for the long haul. These 2 days are so very important in the process. I can only hope with all of my might that everything is happening as it should and that our little over achiever is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

I’ve thought about when I will test and I haven’t come to a conclusion. I want to keep feeling all these good things. I want to keep the hope. I want to be PUPO as long as possible. I was thinking that the 16th would be a good day. I would be 8dp5dt and sure to get an accurate result. I changed my mind about that because my birthday is the 18th and I really don’t want to ruin my birthday in case it’s negative. And in case you were wondering, I’ve lost a little of my cockiness about this working. I still have hope and I’m not giving up by no means…I’m just not as cocky about it. There is a chance it won’t work and I have to be realistic about that. I don’t want my birthday marred by a negative result. On the other hand, I don’t think I’ll be able to STOP myself from testing before my birthday. I think I will just have to play it by ear. Also, the thought of getting a negative and then having to go to work is not appealing either. Decisions, decisions.

I have let a little of the crazy slip in. I’ve spoken to the embryo on multiple occasions. Telling it how much I love it and how much I want it to stick around in there until January. When I talk to it, I put my hand on my stomach. I may not have created that embryo but I love it more than I can put into words right now. When BJ got home the other day I showed him the picture and he was not very impressed because he doesn’t remember what our other embryos looked like. I showed him what is supposed to become the baby and what is supposed to become the placenta. He pretended to care so that was nice.

I was a good girl and rode the couch until 10:00 yesterday morning and even then I didn’t do a whole lot of standing and moving. I just did some laundry and we went to the Little Guy’s baseball game. They were creamed. I don’t think the LG has lost a game as badly as they lost that one. It was a 14-0 wallop. Come to find out the team was stacked from another league. Nice. However, the highlight of the evening was that the LG was the ONLY kid on his team to hit off of their pitcher and get on base. Granted, he was stranded there, but still. I was so proud of him.

Now for a symptom check: (Like I said, I’ve let a little of the crazy set in, bear with me.)

- Sore boobs – They’ve been sore since I started the bcp. It’s gotten worse since adding the PIO and the estrogen. Not sure how much more this would change should I become pregnant.

- Several twinges in my lower left abdomen. It doesn’t really feel like my ovary area so I’m guessing it’s not a cyst acting up. It could just be my lining growing with the estrogen and the PIO.

Considering that the little embryo has only just begun to implant (hopefully) I didn’t really expect to have much to report. What I’m hoping is this…with my last pregnancy, I was only 4 weeks (with a very weak embryo) when I began to have my tomato aversion. I know that all pregnancies are different but I’m hoping that with this perfect little ball of cells that’s in me now I will start to experience something like that a little sooner.

So that is where I’m at. I haven’t heard from my nurse about any possible frosties yet. She said she’d let me know by Friday so hopefully I’ll hear from her by tomorrow afternoon. I have a post in my head regarding the possibility of frosties that I will hopefully be able to get written soon. Thank you all again for your support. The next 7 or so days are going to be filled with lots of crazy and it’s nice to know that you all will be right there with me!


Rebecca said...

I hope you get some frosties.

Samantha said...

Whenever you're ready to test, I hope you see two beautiful lines :)

Pie said...

Right here with you on the crazy train. Bring it on girl! Glad you rested up, fingers crossed for a good frostie report tomorrow.

Kate said...

Teejay, you seem to be in a really great place. I don't see any crazy in your post, just hopeful anticipation.

Sending you lots of positivity!

Mo said...

I am excited, optimistic, and holding my breath for you, dear friend.
Here's hoping that this is the beginning of nine months of (probably some anxiety and) a whole lot of excitement.

someday-soon said...

Burrow babies, burrow! Look forward to tomorrows news

unaffected said...

Bring on the crazy! Can't wait to hear about your frosties :)

Alex said...

First, talking to your embryo is DEFINITELY not crazy! I say, keep it up! I'm so excited for you, I can barely stand it. My advice to you is wait as long as possible to test, but I know it will be hard. Thinking of you and your embryo!!!

Mel. said...

Snuggle in little embie! Hope you have great news on the frostie front!

Augusta said...

I like the idea of waiting until after your birthday for testing. You can't control whether the emrbyo implants or not, but you can decide whether you test before or after your birthday. When we did the DE cycle last year, I had by PhD defense and a celebration scheduled around the time of testing (the day before the beta). My DH put his foot down and said NO TESTING before the celebration. He knew all my friends had put so much effort into the party and didn't want me to by glum during it if the test was negative. In a way, it may help to think of it this way: if you are pregnant, then you'll have 8 months to know it and experience it, so what's a day or two more of waiting. If you're not pregnant, then you get to have a happy birthday while PUPO.

I hope to read about some tomato aversion and queaziness very soon.