Friday, January 29, 2010

100 Posts Already??

I missed this yesterday....I apparently posted my 100th post yesterday. Wow, didn't realize I had done that many. I guess I blabber more than I thought. :-) I am so thankful that I have found this outlet, this diary, this community. It helps so much to get my thoughts and feelings and rants down on "paper". And the best part is that I know there are people out there that are supportive of me, even on my worst days. There's always advice and hugs and even some laughs, that await me when I log in to see comments. Thank you, Readers and Followers, you make it better.

Now for my original post idea for today:
We are very slowly putting together each room in our house. My parents want to see pictures of us actually "living" in the new place. Empty rooms are nice, but they want the real deal. And since I have become such a neat freak I refuse to take any pictures until the room is just the way I want it. That's why none of you have seen any pictures either. The hall bath (Little Guy's bathroom) is the only room of the house that is done. All the other rooms are coming along nicely, but I don't want anyone to see them yet. I don't know what has happened to me since moving into this house but my tastes have not only changed but I'm not even sure what my tastes are anymore. I used to just throw things together in a room and if a couple things happened to match or coordinate I was happy. Not so much anymore. I want everything to match and coordinate and compliment and "pop" and all those other words I have learned from watching HGTV. This is why it's taking me so long to put my house together. That and I am out of the house for 12 hours a day during the week with little to no time by myself on the weekends to shop for these things. I spent an hour and 20 minutes in a store over the holiday break looking for a shower curtain for our bathroom and ended up leaving with new silverware. It has become a real problem that I can't find what I want...and that has something to do with the fact that I don't KNOW what I want. And even more to do with the fact that I have never decorated anything like this because I'm a tomboy and I don't really have "taste" or an eye for things like this. Whew...glad I got that off my chest.

The kitchen has dark cabinets as seen here with black appliances. I have decided to make the accent color red. I love red all of a sudden. The kitchen table is also a dark color, but more brown than the sedona in the kitchen cabinets. The living room is a big issue right now. The carpet is beige (which I don't like but had to go with because it was the most neutral) and the paint is a bone white. The paint looks like an actual color because of the bright white trim. Our new furniture (that I love) is chocolate brown. the only real color in the room is the pillows that came with the love seats. They are multi-colored and patterned with some geometric shapes and what not. I'm trying to find curtains for our big window. Mainly to add some color and character but also to help keep the cold air out. I want the curtains to only cover the very edges of the windows because I love looking out and I love the natural light. I found some striped (yes, I can't believe I liked them as I'm not usually much on stripes) curtains that had all the colors of the pillows. I was so excited. I bought them and hung them up on a great new curtain rod. They made the room feel so comfy and cozy. BJ even liked them and he doesn't like stripes either. The problem you may ask? They are 84 inches and we really need 96 inches so they graze the floor. We have 9 foot ceilings and 6 foot windows on the first floor. I thought of pulling them back around one of those really nice hook things and that helped. However, they really need to hang to the floor. So it was off to Target and Lowes. Everything at Target was 84 inches. All but one style at Lowes was 84 inches. The ones that were 96 inches were ok and I thought I'd try them. They only came in 4 colors. I picked the one that matched the pillows the best and hung them up. They blend too much with the wall paint. Not enough punch or pizazz. They are the perfect length, though. Total disappointment. They have to go back. BJ and I searched the Internet for almost an hour and couldn't find any pre-made 96 inch curtains that even came close to being as perfect as the original ones. They Lowes curtains are going back tomorrow and at $45 a piece I'm ok with that. I just don't know what to do. I'm not crafty, so making my own is a joke. Back to the drawing board.

Isn't it nice that I'm focusing on curtains when there are some really awful things going on the world right now? I feel very selfish for worrying about such a trivial item in these times. However, the curtains are important to me and as much as I love looking at that window, I need to find a solution. I actually have pictures to hang in the room and a couple of ideas of things to hang in the kitchen eating area so the sooner we get this curtain thing worked out, the sooner I can feel like I live at my house. I'm sure you all just love reading about my house woes when you are trying to live your lives and are facing much more prominent issues. In full disclosure, I am more than aware how lucky I am to even have windows. This blog is about my life and right now, unfortunately, I'm focused on me and my windows.


EC said...

I know what you mean about knowing what you want, but not being able to find it! I got a sewing machine to try to learn to make things myself to alleviate the problem, but my progress is slow.

You might want to check JCPenny's for curtains. They have a lot online, and in longer lengths. If you don't like them, you can return them to the store.

I am always working on house projects! I don't mind reading about it at all!

Fran said...

First of all, congratulations on your 100 post!! What an achievement! Blog is addictive, no excuses! And also I think working on a house project is very important and soothing. Of course there are so many things going on in the rest of the World that this may be trivial for some, but it's your project so I love it! fran

Jenn said...

Happy 100th!

Kelly said...

Yay for 100 posts! :)

I love how you're describing your home and waiting until you find something just right. You'll know it when you see it.

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th. DH has banned me from watching HGTV after a certain hour at night because it means more projects for us on weekends!

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th post!

I have a lot trouble with decorating - I know what I like when I see it in magazines or on tv, but I have a tough time recreating things at home. We have just ended up with an "eclectic" mix of furnishings, colors, and styles, and it works okay.
For the drapes - could you find a fabric that coordinates (like use one of stripe colors) and sew onto the bottom of the drapes to extend their length? I've seen that a bunch on those makeover shows, and it always looks pretty good.

TeeJay said...

That's an idea, Sarah...I'll try to see if I can find something like that. Of course that means a trip to JoAnn's! Yay!