Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've Had Enough of Snow

Now that I'm an adult and I have to commute and shovel snow, I don't like it as much as I did when I was a kid. That should be no surprise to anyone. When I first moved to this area, we would have a few instances of snow each winter. The longer I live here these instances have been slowly decreasing. We usually get a dusting or maybe 2 inches and some sleet and freezing rain. Which is no fun either, by the way, but it's more of a "functioning" event.

As you know, I had lots of plans last weekend as far as shopping and returning things. The forecast kept changing every time I watched the news Friday evening and night. It snowed...a lot...again. Not as much as last time, thank goodness, but enough to ruin my plans.

On Saturday afternoon, I shoveled our driveway (about 4 inches) while BJ played on his 4-wheeler. He gives me heart attacks so I had to stop watching him. The snow was very light and fluffy so it was easy to shovel. We came in and not long after we did so we heard another 4-wheeler outside. One of our new neighbors (we haven't met them yet) had someone staying over that brought his ATV that had a plow on the front of it. He knocked and asked if we wanted him to plow our driveway but BJ told him that it didn't really need it right now.

Sunday morning the sun was shining and I was ready to go out and shovel another 4 inches of snow. BJ woke up very sick. He's still sick. Nasty head cold with chest congestion. I was on my own. We both have 4-wheel drive vehicles so the snow was not really a big deal to drive over. However, I don't like re-driving on packed snow because it turns to ice and 4-wheel drive is nothing when you're on ice. As I was shoveling Sunday morning I heard the distant roar of the other ATV and thought I had been saved. Not so much. The young man (punk as BJ called him) was just loading his plow up to leave. Didn't even bother to ask me if I wanted help. Little old me out there all by myself and he just ignores me. Oh well, today's youth, what can you say?

Now we are to get more snow/rain mix tonight into tomorrow morning. All during the commuting times. Can't wait. And the even better news? We are expecting another significant snow Friday into Saturday. I swear I'm not meant to get new curtains and hardware for my cabinets. :-) We already have a basketball game to make up and pictures to reschedule. We are looking at another snow storm this weekend. I'm tired of it. I'm ready for Spring.

On the TTC front, I'm hoping that BJ gets to feeling better soon so that we can get one BD in before I'm fertile. Otherwise the timing will be off and things won't happen the way I need them to. The period was very light again this cycle. I love that change in things. Still had some cramps and leg pains but other than that I hardly knew I was on my period. I have a feeling the doctor is not going to call me back after the message that I left last week. I have a regular ob/gyn appointment scheduled for the first week in March so I think I'll talk to my regular doctor about some Clomid. I don't like beating dead horses so I don't know if it's worth calling him again.

Oh, and my SIL is out of the hospital as of this morning. She's doing much better and we are hoping that she can heal the rest of the way at home. They had the mold inspectors come out today and they do have a bit of mold in their sunroom so that has to get taken care of. Although the hospital doesn't believe that is what caused or causes all the illnesses in the family. Either way, it's good to get it out of the house.

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