Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome Back

So I haven't updated since 12/23...bad me. I have been reading and keeping up with just about everyone else's blog and I must's pretty busy around here! There has been a lot of activity in the past week and a half to say the least. We have FETs, DEs, IVFs, IUIs galore! I hope that each and every one of you get (and keep) your BFP! So happy and hopeful for all of know who you are.

I'm going to try and keep this short as I have a tendency to babble, as you know. So wish me luck.

Christmas was good. It was nice spending it in our new house together and having the Little Guy wake up there. He was spoiled, as kids should be at this time of year. The not so good part was that we had to give him up at 12:00 so he could spend the rest of the day with his mom and her boyfriend and his kids. We were lonely after he left. And of course the mind starts going in the direction of how I should be pregnant and anticipating the arrival of a Spring baby and how we will never be alone on Christmas day again...SNAP back to reality. We had a nice day together and that is what is really important. My husband also spoiled me this year, as he tends to do at Christmas. I don't get a lot, but I get good quality, thoughtful gifts. I actually enjoy giving more than getting anyway. I received a beautiful red laptop that I named Scarlett. I love Scarlett so far. She is big and shiny and has all kinds of cool software...including Windows 7. I'm still learning some things about Scarlett so it will take me a while before we are best buds, but we are getting there. I also got a Kindle. I have been talking about it for well over a year now and I never expected to actually own one, but I do. I downloaded my first book today and completely enjoyed clicking through the pages on my lunch break. I just wish that I could get all of my blogs on there...that would ROCK.

If we didn't have a Christmas party to attend on the Sunday after Christmas, the tree and all the decorations would have come down. I waited until Monday morning to take everything down. I was so tired of looking at it. I have had a really hard time with my favorite holiday this year and I just can't pinpoint why. I'm hoping that next year I will be back to my regular self again. I normally don't take any Christmas stuff down until January 1.

We spent NY's with BJ's sister and another couple at the sister's house. We wanted to ring in the new year at our new house but his sister already had plans with this other couple that they usually spend that time with so we adjusted. It was fun. The kids and adults took turns playing the Wii and we had a fun time. We left about 2 minutes after midnight, though. :-)

We went to 5 furniture stores looking for a new couch and love seat on NY's day. We found a set that we really liked at one place but had to give up on it because the arms were not padded much and it was as if there was a metal rod in there...not comfy. We couldn't decide if we wanted reclining furniture or a set with an ottoman. I love an ottoman but BJ was partial to the recliners...he IS a man after all. So we set out again on Saturday. After about 2 1/2 hours at a big store, we settled upon a set (with an over sized ottoman!) only to figure out that it probably would be too big for the room. UGH! Since when did furniture shopping get so hard? We decided to get 2 loveseats instead of a loveseat and sofa. We think it will be great in the room and with the over sized ottoman, it will offer plenty of seating for people. Plus, with our new kitchen table (on order) everyone will feel like they are in the same room anyway! Yay! We also bought the little guy his bunk beds. No mattresses yet, though. We don't like the bunk bed mattress as they are thin and I'm sure not very good for you. So we are looking around for inexpensive but decent mattresses that will last him for many years to come. Good luck to us. The bed he has now will do until we get mattresses.

I worked in the new house on my first Monday off more than I thought I would. I unpacked box after box after box. Our garage is full of empty boxes just waiting for the new neighbors to come and get them for when they move in in a few weeks. Go me! It took me 8 hours but I got about 90% unpacked. I'm pretty proud of myself. I also think I burned myself out because I haven't unpacked anything else since!

On the TTC side of things (since this is an infertility blog after all), my lovely body has decided to go haywire again. My period started on 1/2 giving me a 23 day cycle. WTH is THAT? Unbelievable. Well, these days I'm beginning to believe just about anything is possible with my body. It just sucks to be so unpredictable. I'm not used to it. I'm really thinking about calling the new RE/OB and seeing if I can meet with him again and let him know what's been going on with me to see if we can figure something out. I don't know why I'm procrastinating with this. I think it's because I know my only option is IVF and I can't afford it right now, if ever again. I would love to do a Clomid cycle without injections and monitoring and all that but I'm not very good at asking for things like that. I feel like a burden even though I'm the patient and I should have some say in my treatment. I'll talk it over with BJ and see what he thinks. I need to dig my bbt out of my purse so I can get back in the habit of temping again. Less than a month of not doing it and I'm already out of sync.

I have a lot more to say but I'll save it for another day as this is getting pretty long. To give you a preview, we are having some problems with our new house. I know, who would have thunk it?

I'm wishing for a great 2010 and babies for us all! I hope that all of you that are in the 2ww of whatever procedure you are undergoing get a great BFP that sticks and brings you much joy!


Pie said...

Don't ya just luuuuve the Kindle? I was such a skeptic, and I now totally love mine. It's good to hear from you after the week-ish off!

Kelly said...

I need to just bite the bullet and get the Kindle. I'm just so hesitant but everyone says how much they love it!

Good to hear about your holidays. I'm glad that things went well, overall. :)

My two cents...give your doc a call and ask. It can't hurt and you're right. It's your treatment.

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Oy, couch shopping is EXHAUSTING!! Next time I'm going to just pay someone to do it for me!

As for your Clomid cycle, please go ahead and ask your RE to try it. Just come out and tell him that you can't afford anything else right now and realize that Clomid is a long shot, but you'd rather have a long shot than nothing. Remember, I was given a 2% chance of conceiving on my very first medicated cycle, which was Clomid/IUI, and boom! My first BFP. You never know...

Glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

Missed you! Welcome back!

I say ask for what you want. If that's a couch with comfortable arms, supportive bunk beds or a clomid cycle -

Here's hoping 2010 is a great year filled with BFPs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lara's comments about the Clomid cycle. Just let them know you are on a strict budget and this is the best you can do right now. I'm sure that they will be more than accommodating.

Also, I'm insanely jealous of your new Kindle ... I've been coveting one myself :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Teejay!

We are so indecisive when it comes to picking out furniture. It took us 3 years to pick out a bed, and then we ended up just picking whatever was on sale online...haha. We peruse furniture stores regularly, but just can't seem to commit. We have the same couch we got 7 years ago at a resale shop (we were a poor Army couple at the time), and I'd love to get rid of it!
Glad you had a good Christmas with BJ :).

A said...

So glad you are back- it sounds like you had a generally good time for Christmas and NYE!! I am also praying for babies for all of us this year! God can do anything, right? :)