Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are You There AF? It's Me, TeeJay

To whom it may concern (AF):

I know you are coming to visit me soon. I saw the 3 spots on Monday. I am sleepy, snippy, a tad over-emotional and definitely bloated. After BJ and I did the deed Monday night, I saw more of you and actually expected you to arrive on Tuesday. Why have I not seen any signs of you since?

Could this be the beginning of my cycle getting back to normal? If you wait until tomorrow to show up, I will have had a 26 day cycle. However, I am 16DPO right now. I don't usually have a leutal phase this long. I ovulated on CD10 for crying out loud. Last cycle I ovulated pretty early too and ended up with a 23 day cycle...not ideal.

But then you know all of this because you like to mess with me, don't you? You like to make me think that maybe, just maybe we got lucky this month. And even though you are giving me my usual PMS symptoms, you are also trying to make me have hope by not showing up. Why do you do this? Once the spotting starts, it doesn't usually stop all together. What are you up to in there?

If there's no baby, please show yourself. This waiting and wondering is not easy on a girl...especially an infertile like me. I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of spending my money on a pee stick and then using it and wiping and seeing your ugly face so you might as well get over yourself and just SHOW UP ALREADY.

And if you are going to revert back to a more regular pattern, I actually thank you for that. I could use a little more predictability from you. We have been together for a long time and I would hate to see this relationship go any more down the tubes than it already has over my TTC years.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


PS....please, please, please stay away for 9 months. I'd rather NOT see you show up.


EC said...

How aggravating! I hope that AF either arrives soon or stays away for 9 months!

Pie said...

That lady is a senile old b*tch! Why does she torment us? Argh, she makes me mad. I hope she either comes quickly, putting you out of your misery, or stays away for quite a while. I prefer option 2, if she's listening.

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Stay away, stay away, stay away!!!! How long will you wait until you test?

Fertility Chick said...

Damn that AF - mine's playing tricks on me too! Hope yours arrives soon - or better yet, stays away with happy results!! :)

AMC said...

Darn that AF! UGH!

Leslie said...

I am sorry AF is playing games with you! I am hoping that AFSA for you!!

Fran said...

Oh dear, this is so tough!!! 16DPO and no AF! And you are doing brilliantly and not POAS!! My heart goes out to you, can this be it?? Love, Fran

Willow said...

AF ALMOST tricked me into buying a pee stick this month--then she relented and showed up right before I did. Hope she either leaves you alone or shows up promptly--none of this teasing nonsense she likes to pull!

Kelly said...

I hate how AF toys with us.

Even though you are expecting her arrival, I'm keeping everything crossed for you.

Serendipity said...

TTC would be so much easier if our bodies would just be on time and not drag us through the hope rollercoaster every month.

I hope AF doesn't show at all but if she has to come visit, I hope she gets her ass into gear and arrived on time. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

I've never made it to 16dpo before, but I would be SUPER pissed getting an hpt and then having AF show up right after taking it like I've heard so many women talk about.
You are very strong for not testing! I hope you see "neither hide 'nor hair" of AF for another 9 months :).

C said...

How frustrating!