Friday, November 13, 2009

CD1 - Again

For about the 96th time, I am on CD1. After my temp drop yesterday and then again today (down to 97.7 I think) I knew the period was coming for sure. And it did. A 27 day cycle. I told BJ last night that if this were several years ago and I was still dumb enough to think I could get pregnant that I would have bought a hpt since I am never late and I always spot beforehand. I did not buy a test because I know how it would have ended. But you don't know how much I was wishing that I had a left over test in the house. I guess I am still dumb enough to believe that I can get pregnant. After all, we timed things perfectly this month. I had the slightest hope that we might have gotten the job done. Why does hope always have to creep in? She is just cruel sometimes. But then again, without her I have nothing. So I keep hoping, and I keep trying. Let's hope that I don't keep failing. Thank you to all of you for your comments and support and your are great and I'm so glad that I found you. You have helped keep me sane.

On a better note, I have attached a couple pictures of our new kitchen. Mind you, it's a work in progress. The pictures don't do it justice at all. It feels like I'm in a mansion when I'm in that kitchen....which will have appliances and lights by Wednesday of next week! Hell yeah! I'm going to put some brushed nickel hardware on these babies to really spruce them up. Can you believe that we had to pay an extra $110 to have that glass cabinet stained on the inside? Don't you think it should just come that way?

I'm trying to find a new blog template and I'm having difficulties finding something that I like. This new one is not my favorite. I want one that is easy on the eyes. When I work on documents on the computer I have the blue background with the white much better on my eyes. I want to try and find something like that for my blog but I'm not having much success. Any suggestions out there in blog-land?
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Kelly said...

I know what you mean about a new template! I play around all the time with new ones!

I LOVE the kitchen!! Keep those pictures coming!

Sorry that AF is in town. Don't blame yourself. Hope always creeps in. You're only human. ((HUGS))

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Don't you talk about my friend TJ like that! Not dumb at all! Hope is critical for us! Remember, I got a score of ONE out of thirty in that high-tech ovarian reserve index test? The worst possible score ever. And I've stumbled into pregnancy twice since then when everyone says I should not have. One day everything will come together for you and surprise you, I truly believe it.

As for that kitchen, ay mami! It's lovely!! And yes, the default for that window shoudl be stained, but I'm sure they're happy to drain every red cent out of you!

Oh the search for good blog templates, I've spent so much time on it. If you like blue with white text, how about this one?

C said...

Not dumb at all. It's hope, and where would any of us be without it.

Love the kitchen; it's gorgeous!

Pie said...

Poop for AF.

Love, love, love (and more than slightly jealous) of that kitchen. WOW.

As for the blog, I really have a hard time reading lighter font on a really dark background, the woest being anything on a black background. UGH. It imprints on your retina, and then you see text "floating" aroung for mintues afterward. I put anyone who uses that into my Google Reader, which just puts it into black font on white background. I even stopped reading blogs with these layouts, it is just too hard on the eyes.

Stepping off my blog-style soapbox (it really is a big pet peeve of mine!), I like the blog layouts at

callmemama said...

CD1 sucks :(. There's no way to squeeze out all hope - it manages to wiggle it's way in no matter how hard we try not to let it.

Your kitchen is BEEYOOTIFUL!!! A little jealous here :)

Wait, What? said...

TeeJay I am so sorry about AF. I wish there were answers for us. Life is so not fair!

The kitchen is coming along nicely! I can't wait until you post the finished product.

A said...

I'm so sorry about AF. BLAH! But, hey, your cabinets/kitchen are GORGEOUS! That is hilarious about having to pay more to get the inside if anyone would want a cabinet with a glass door whose inside was not the same color as ALL the other cabinets... ha!

For new (free!) blog templates, check out Lee Lou Blogs (free section- that's where I got mine) or Scrappin' Blogs!

gracieinbrooklyn said...

That kitchen is the size of our whole apartment! Awesome though... Hope you are dreaming of all the fabulous things you can cook in the new place.

I spent way too much time picking a template when I started blogging and haven't revisited. Perhaps I'll be inspired over the holidays.