Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weekend Recap

I've been so busy at work that I haven't had time to post anything and I hate it when that happens. I'll give everyone a quick run down of the last week and then get in to my strange cycle that I'm experiencing.

- We had the Little Guy Friday night so I drove to work that day in order to get home and chill out with my guys a little earlier than usual. As soon as I come in the house BJ's phone rings. It's the neighbor at the bottom of the hill inviting us to dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse. I didn't want to go because it's very expensive (basically $21 a person) and I had JUST WALKED IN THE DOOR. But we went. Never mind the fact that I paid our mortgage that day and had planned on getting a pedicure that weekend. Dinner was fine and we had a good chef and the food was good, but we spent $80 with tip! For 3 people to eat Chinese food basically. Unreal. No pedi for me so now I am way over due and have to wait until next pay day (tomorrow).

- We had workers at the house Saturday morning and now I have a huge hole in my dining room wall. I really need to post about this house situation but I hate to complain about something I love so much.

- We took the Little Guy shoe shopping after the workers left. Tell me, how many 8 year olds get to decide what shoes they will and won't wear? This is one of those step-parenting moments where I wish I were the mother because he would wear whatever shoe fit and I bought for him, within reason of course. BJ let him call the shots....he wants Nike 6.0's like all his other friends. Whatever. I gave up. We don't live near a mall and all the 6.0's that we found weren't the right color. Give me a break. I was so done with this excursion and we were only looking for a little over an hour.

- BJ's sister and her family came over Saturday evening. We grilled some yummy pork chops and some bbq chicken legs and I made macaroni salad. The kids played and decided to go play on the new construction dirt outside. SIL and I went for a walk after dinner, leaving the boys (our husbands) to babysit the kids. When we got back, the kids were a muddy mess and had to change their clothes before touching anything in my house. Then the neighbors we had dinner with Friday night came over and we all chatted for a while. They didn't leave until 11:00. I can't believe we kept the kids up that late. At least it's not an every day thing.

- We had to give the Little Guy back to his mom early on Sunday because she wanted to take him camping. We had been invited to a cookout and crab feast at a friend's house so we headed there. It was really hot outside but we couldn't tell. Their yard is right on the river bank and shaded by 3 big trees. It was perfect...warm with a breeze. We saw quite a few people from our old neighborhood and it was really good to get caught up with everyone and hear all the good (and not so good) gossip. After we left there and since it was early, we decided to hang out with the bottom of the hill neighbors for a little while. I think we were just avoiding going home because the Little Guy wasn't there. We didn't get home until 12:00 midnight. A very long day indeed.

- Needless to say, we vegged on Monday. It was so nice to just sit home. We didn't drive anywhere. We even ate all 3 meals at home. :-) It was so sunny that I decided to lather up with some sunscreen and lay out on the deck for a little while. BJ took his shirt off and sat in a chair and we listened to the birds and the radio and just chilled out. It was great. We needed that day after the busy weekend we had.

I'm on CD17 today. FF has yet to tell me if/when I ovulated. I had a high temp on CD9 for some reason and I think it threw my whole chart off. However, this morning I had a pre-ovulation temp of 97.9. I'm pretty sure I felt ovary pinching on Monday, which is good because we did some BD'ing Sunday night. But Monday was CD14 and that's a little late for me. So once again I have no idea what my body is doing. We BD'd on CD8, 10, 13 and 16....I'm hoping we covered our bases. I actually saw a tiny bit of ewcm on CD13 so I'm wondering if I did, indeed, ovulate on Monday? I'm going to wait to see what my temp is tomorrow morning before I manually override my chart info on what I felt. I will definitely be ordering my opk's in the next few days. I can't keep guessing about when I ovulate. This baby makin' stuff is enough to drive a woman insane.


Adventures in Baby Waiting said...

Good gawly that is a busy weekend. Sit around Monday and do nothing is right! I hear you about the infertility stuff driving a woman insane. Oh the temping days. Maybe once in six months I would ovulate and wouldn't even know what to do with myself once it happened! Crazy times! Sounds like you did good though!

RachelP said...

Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I still have to try hard every day, and I definately fall. Each day is easier, and I'm trying to remain hopeful for the future.

Alex said...

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend - but nice. Glad you had a calm Monday to finish it up. Yes, baby making will make you crazy if you let it, and I let it many times... I hate those cycles where you can't figure out what the hell happened! But I think you covered all your bases appropriately - all we can do now is hope.

A said...

Wow, lots going on! We had a busy weekend (out of town), too. I think the weekend after a long weekend should also be a long weekend for recuperation purposes, don't you? Hoping that your BD'ing will lead to a surprise + this cycle!

Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Wow, it would have driven me nuts to have spontaneous plans when I just walked in the door. And I'm not a big fan of hibachi either - besides the fact that I don't love meat (so what's the point? ;) - it's basically stirfry that I can make at home instead of paying $35pp with drink and tips. Crazy. I like the chefs, but not that much.

I'm hoping weird/different cycle is good for you!! My O was never super predictable either even though my cycles were usually a predictable length. P&PTs!!

Now make plans to go get yourself that pedicure this weekend!

Pie said...

Busy weekend!! How were the crabs (mmmm, dreaming of crabs!)?

I could never figure out the whole temp stuff, I thought the POAS OPK route was much easier. Get some internet cheapies and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys were busy this weekend! I got exhausted just reading all that :).
I am feeling you on the guessing around about ovulation :(. Not fun. Wish I wouldn't have forgotten to use my monitor this month...