Friday, June 18, 2010

Happiness Is...

- taking a walk at lunch today. It was warm and sunny and I just love days like this. The humidity is low and I could have laid down on a bench and taken a nap. I love this time of year.

- trying a new recipe last night for dinner. I liked it just fine and would make it again. We won't talk about how the men in my house didn't care for it that much and the fact that I had to make one of them a sandwich because he couldn't bring himself to eat the dinner. I liked it and it made me happy to try something new for a change.

- my lock and locks! If you don't know what they are, visit and check them out. I always wanted some of these containers and now I have some and I just love everything about them. I put all sorts of food and candy in them and they are superb. I get a little addicted to qvc around the holidays because they have some really great stuff, believe it or not. And my grandmother thought they did as well. She had a brand new set of these containers that became mine when she passed away. So using them as much as I do makes me happy in more than one way.

- taking BJ out for crabs on Father's day. His ex is letting us take the Little Guy with us even though it's her weekend to have him. I think it's only right, but sometimes things like that don't matter in her world. So I'm very happy that we have plans to spend some time together on Sunday.

- buying a chocolate chip cookie from the cafeteria for my 3:30 snack today. Our cafeteria makes the best cookies. They are so soft and just melt in my mouth. I went with chocolate chip today instead of a sugar cookie, which they make equally as well. I could have had about 5 of them but controlled my purchase to just one, thank you very much.

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Jem said...

I almost titled my post today "Happiness is" too! I'm just feeling so happy and grateful. Sounds like you are, too.