Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I've Been Absent...

Howdy, folks! I have so much to say and I will try to condense it as much as possible. I started this post last Thursday and wrote all of one sentence and then had to close down and have not been able to start again until now.

1 - Work was so busy last week. We flew 30 people in for a meeting that lasted from Friday until Sunday. I didn't have to be there but I was involved in most of the logistics of the meeting...the catering, the materials, the a/v etc. It was a lot to deal with and we were short handed on the support staff side of things.

2 - We (the Little Guy and I) went to the beach Friday with my SIL and her 3 kids. Everything was fine until we were leaving and my SIL had a major asthma attack right on the beach. Luckily there was a young man that called up to the park office to get help. They had to come get her on the John Deere Gator and take her back up (we walked down a pretty long hill to get to the water). I was in charge of all the kids and all the stuff we had brought. Her oldest son also has asthma and she was worried that he'd have an attack walking up the hill in the heat so the Gator guy came and grabbed him and was nice enough to take our cart full of stuff so that we could just concentrate on walking up. She's ok but she sure scared me. She was in the hospital earlier this year for 10 or 11 days with asthma complications so the last thing we need is her to have a relapse.

3 - Our new kitchen floor and backsplash was installed Friday. The guys arrived about 9:00am and worked their butts off until almost 9:00pm. They ran out of grout so BJ has to finish a portion of the backsplash himself. We can't put the stove back until it's done. It looks great and once BJ finishes that and puts the hardware on the cabinets I will post pictures of before and after. I love the floor and the glass tile backsplash. We weren't there all weekend so not having a stove didn't affect us until last night. Tonight we will grill salmon and steam asparagus in my steamer.

4 - We weren't home because we were offered a "free vacation" at Massanutten for 3 days and 2 nights. It's one of those time share offers where you have to sit through their sales pitch and you get to stay for free. We left Saturday morning and got back yesterday afternoon. We enjoyed ourselves. We rode go-karts, played putt-putt, went to the indoor/outdoor water park, played at the arcades, played ping pong (it was the Little Guy's first time playing), played a golf simulator, had some decent food and just enjoyed being away from home. They offered a spectacular deal but we knew going in that we weren't going to buy anything. We want to be as debt free as possible until we apply for financing for our pool.

5 - I took my OPK's with me as I was certain that I would get a positive reading while we were gone. We stayed at a 1 bedroom condo so I thought for sure that we would be able to get some BD'ing in. I tested negative Saturday and that's the night that BJ was ready to go, of course. So we tried. And we failed. He was certain that the Little Guy could hear us even though the door was shut and our TV was on. He was really close a couple of times but just lost his concentration. Just my luck. And it's also just my luck that I got my positive reading Sunday afternoon. I knew better that to even try to get anything out of him again. *sigh* I'm pretty sure I ovulated yesterday morning because I felt some twinges on my right ovary. My temp was up slightly this morning so I'm pretty convinced that it was yesterday. However, we were able to get some action in last night so just in case that little egg came out later than I thought, we might still have a small chance. I'll take a small chance over no chance at all.

6 - On our trip I was in my bathing suit almost all day on Sunday. I scoped out my "area" to see how the waxing was holding up. I think I have 12 hairs in all that have grown back and might (I stress might) be long enough to be waxed again. It's been over 3 weeks since I was waxed and I'm loving it.

7 - As you can imagine, I have a lot of blog reading to do. I haven't read anything since Wednesday or Thursday so I apologize for the lack of comments. I'll get back into the swing of things shortly. Keep a look out on some of your older posts for my 2 cents!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, I'm glad your SIL ended up okay. Asthma attacks are scary!
Hoping you didn't miss the eggie - I am also paranoid when we have company over (especially family) that someone will hear us. We've actually done it in the walk-in closet before to avoid being heard hehe (is that an overshare? sorry :)).