Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happiness Is...

- watching the Little Guy slide in to 2nd base for the first time ever! I so wish I had a camera to capture that moment. He was awesome. AND safe! He decided he had such a great reaction from everyone that he slid in to 3rd, too! Again, safe. It was a fun game to watch that's for sure.

- the foreman in charge of building our house is going to have our yard re-seeded. The people didn't do a very good job and that is hard to prove so it's very nice that Jim is going to have a different company come out and redo it for us. We are the only people on the circle with a pretty much bare back yard.

- my sister getting married and asking me to be in her wedding! Granted, it's not until next June, but still. I'm excited and will help her any way I can from down here...she's in PA.

- beautiful blue skies and sunshine and low humidity yesterday and today. It's perfect outside and I really wish I could be out in it, but will just have to be happy looking at it through the window.

- surviving my bikini wax and not being too scared to say I'll do it again. I know I posted about it, but I'm still happy about it. Especially since it was done 3 days ago and I still have no stubbles.


Alex said...

How cute that must have been to see the Little Guy slide into 2nd! Love picturing that in my mind...

And that's so exciting about being in your sister's wedding. Just being there over the phone for her to tell you all the nitty gritty details will make her happy - trust me!

And yay for the fabulous bikini wax - does it feel ok now?

Anonymous said...

Yay, congrats to LG on his first slide!!! So cool :).

Glad you get a re-seeding of your yard. Love it when contractors are nice like that :).