Monday, March 29, 2010


Hello, everyone. I will first get to the TTC stuff since this is an IF blog, after all. I'm on CD6 and I have been faithfully taking my Clomid since Friday. I have felt a few twinges here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. For all I know, I could have a cyst in there messing things up. That's what happened with my first 2 attempts with IUI. I couldn't start the Clomid because of a cyst. Let's hope that there is nothing going on in there but good old fashioned follicle growth...let's say 2 to 3 really good ones. I have 2 more pills to take and then on CD9 (which happens to be April Fool's Day) I will start to POAS of the opk kind. And if I follow my 'general' timeline, we should be BD'ing on the weekend...always a good thing. However, it does fall on the weekend that we have the Little Guy. How does that always happen? Again...positive thoughts.

As some of you know, maybe all of you if you've read back entries, we bought a house in December. This house is a brand new house. And if someone ever tries to tell you that a new house is the way to go because you don't have to worry about doing any projects, they are completely full of it and should be smacked upside their head. :-)

So far, the things that we want to get done are as follows:
- new master bath lights: we hate the builder lights
- extra shelving in our closet and the Little Guy's closet and our laundry room
- kitchen cabinet hardware
- ceramic flooring in kitchen and back splash
- blinds in all windows
- ceiling fans in bedrooms and living room
- light in office
- hooks on back of master bath and hall bath doors for towels...the racks are for 'pretty' towels
- hooks on laundry room door to hang clothes as they come out of the dryer
- switch dryer door to open on the left side
- some sort of organization in the garage
- finish basement with craft room and bathroom
- wood flooring in office, dining room and foyer
- better grade carpet in living room...very high traffic area

There's more that I can't think of right now. And this does not even include all the decorating that needs done and the decisions involved in that process. I can tell you that we have accomplished some things on the list. Other things will wait until we get our tax money. Which is already spent before it even gets here as we need a shed and a lawn tractor and we want to plant some trees.

Saturday we actually found a ceiling fan for the living room. I really like I hated it yesterday while BJ was trying to put it up. Everything was going great until he had to house the wires in a compartment that was too small. All hell broke loose in our house yesterday afternoon. He was mad and cussing and I was trying to be helpful (even though he's a pain in the butt to try and help because of course I can't do anything right) and kept my mouth shut. It got to a point where I went off and did laundry and left him to sulk. He finished the fan and I didn't even have to help anymore. All was well because it worked when we turned it on. While at the store Saturday, he decided he wanted to put a cat door in our basement door so that we can close the basement door. Smokey's litter box is downstairs and he can't stand the door being opened the least little bit. Another project. And this one was almost as bad as the fan. There were no written directions, only a few pictures. He cut the hole in the door and it was all downhill from there. Things didn't fit, didn't line up, wouldn't stay name it, it went wrong. I actually thought we were going to have to buy a new door and forget the whole thing. We finally got it installed....and she's scared to death of it. We have been working with her and I'm hoping that she uses it today while we aren't there to put her through a few times. And in my opinion....the cat door bothers me more (and looks worse) than the basement door being open a crack. But whatevah, that's just MY opinion.

We picked out our cabinet hardware and now we need to purchase all of it. One of the master bath lights have been replaced and I'm not exactly sure why he hasn't done the other one. Our bedroom and the Little Guy's playroom have ceiling fans. We have one for the 4th bedroom but it's just sitting on the floor upstairs. A couple of hooks have been hung up. We bought pegboard and hooks for the garage Saturday, just need the shed so we can start getting things out of our way so we can work on organizing the garage. The dryer door was finally switched over 2 weekends ago.

I'm not sure my marriage can take any more projects, at least not ones where 2 people are required. :-) I'm not the most 'construction' minded or talented person out there, but when I try to help, I AM trying to HELP....and I'm doing my best. My dad, my first husband and now this husband all seem to think I can read their minds and that I should be as strong as they are and know what they want me to do without them saying anything. Ugh. How do I end up with these impatient men? I think from now on, I'm going to recommend that he do projects on his own or he can recruit his new buddy next door. They can get together and ooze all the perfection they want while I sit back and just enjoy the finished product. :-)

So if anyone ever tells you that you won't have as many projects at home if you buy a new construction house....please smack them for me. Thanks!


H.C. Bishop said...

I just finished up my first round of Clomid, yesterday was my CD9. Sounds like our weekend it going to consist of the same thing! What happened to the days of coloring eggs and hunting for them on Easter? Well, I guess we are still hunting for eggs if you think about it!

I had some twinges here and there as well, on the 2nd and 3rd (CD 6&7) nights, my whole right hip was aching from it and kept me awake!

Anyways, I will be keeping my hopes way up for both of us these next few weeks!

Anonymous said...

We have the same basement kitty door for Ozzy. Our basement isn't completely reno'd yet, and it's still colder/hotter than the rest of the house (depending on the season), so we can't leave the door open. And plus, I wanted to keep the dog out of the basement - so I love it!
That is a long list of to-do's! There's always tons to work on in a house, new or not :).