Monday, March 22, 2010

Around and Around We Go...

Three posts in one, that must be a record. I wanted to welcome everyone to ICLW and do a Happiness post AND a regular post so you are stuck with 3 entries. :-)

I got my hair highlighted Saturday morning. I told the girl what I wanted. She didn't really do what I asked. BJ said that it didn't really look like she did much to the top, as in I still have some pretty dark roots. The reason it looks like that is because she lightened all my the stuff at the bottom that was already light, is even lighter and the dark stuff at my roots is a little lighter but not much. Ugh. I wish I knew where my regular hair girl was. I know it's petty in the whole big scheme of things, but it's my hair and I look at it several times a day and I don't really like it right now. In about 8 to 12 weeks I'll be going through this all over again when it's time for a cut and color. I bet you can't wait!

I started spotting this morning. I'm a little bummed. Hell, I'm a lot bummed. I was really hoping that something would be different this cycle since we hit the peak time better. I guess it's just onward. Although BJ made another comment about how old he is getting and how we need to get this show on the road. Like I'm not trying. I made him aware of how I realize our clocks are ticking.

We went to a birthday party Saturday afternoon. It was for one of BJ's friend's daughters...she turned 18. And she ran out and got a tattoo before the party. She's a sweet girl and I hope she stays that way. Thankfully no one asked me when we were going to have kids. I was worried, especially since there was a baby there. And even more thankfully, no one asked me if I wanted to hold the baby. Go me!

Sunday was spent looking at patio furniture and pansies. I had no idea how expensive patio furniture is. Even at the "mart" stores. We are going to hit Lowes next weekend because there wasn't anything we really wanted. We need something for the deck (table and chairs) and a couple of chairs for the front porch. We found pansies and then I planted them in our 3 big pots and set them on the porch steps. It was so good to get my hands dirty and sit outside (barefooted) and plant flowers. I can't wait until they finish our yard so that we can really start planting things. The weather was absolutely beautiful both days. We had the windows open and grilled out Friday night and last was great. I love this time of year.

I went to see BJ's doctor (mine is located where we used to live and I didn't want to drive all the way down there so I decided to switch to BJ's long time PCP) Friday afternoon about my hips. Basically, he's a little worried about me. He said that I should not be having this type of pain. He sent me right over to x-ray. Of course I have a small panic attack as I'm walking over there because AF has yet to arrive and they want to x-ray my hips and pelvis. But then I think to myself, "self, why do you even think this will be a problem? you are irritable, bloated and are not carrying a child in there." And it's a good thing because I went ahead with the x-rays. The tech asked me if there was a chance I was KU and I said no. She asked me if I'd had tubal ligation. I almost laughed. I replied no again. I was getting ready to yell at her that I'm Infertile if she asked me again. If I really thought I was pregnant there is NO WAY that I would have done the x-rays that day. But I had all the signs of AF being just a few days away so I knew I was safe. I also have to have a bunch of blood work done which I will do this Friday. I then go back to see him on 4/6 to see what he has to say. He can't tell much just by talking to me and moving my legs back and forth. I don't know why not. :-)

That was my weekend...low key but very pleasant with wonderful weather. All in all, it was a great weekend. And now on the worst day of the week, AF starts to make her appearance...along with a HUGE thunderstorm out side. It all sort of fits. Mondays are just putrid anyway, then AF starts to show up and it's storming outside....fits my mood perfectly today.


Anonymous said...

Spotting, cd1 (potentially today) and thunderstorm. Sounds like you and I are on the same exact page. That totally sucks :(.
Patio furniture IS expensive!!! We ended up buying a love seat and two chairs at Kohl's on sale at the end of last season for a steal, we got a nice redwood table on Craigs.list for free, and I bought chairs to go around the table at our local grocery store on sale for cheap. Of course, it took us a couple years to get it all together.
Sorry you're continuing to have hip pain - hope it's nothing serious!

A said...

I'm so sorry about the spotting. UGH. I just started spotting, too, but I am SO looking forward to this next cycle that I was pretty miffed that she was 4 days late!!!

Does DH have a desired "get the show on the road" that is more agressive than what you'd like to be doing? I was just wondering because that is (I think?) at least the second time you've mentioned that he's commented something like that.

And yah. Our lack of patio furniture is directly a result of how freakin pricey it is. So far, we haven't wanted to eat outside for that much!!! ;-)

Jennifer said...

Sorry about the spotting..that just stinks! I'm ususally the one commenting about us not getting any younger. I'm 38 and my husband is 35. Good luck to you!

ICLW #28

The (Type A) Nightmare said...

AF sucks, and I totally get the hair thing. I'm psycho about mine. DH and I grilled last night. I love the weather (especially when it makes up its mind). ;) GOOD LUCK!

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Hey Teejay sorry AF got you again this month! And that's so annoying about your hair. It's not boring at all, I totally get it :)
Take care