Monday, March 1, 2010

Just My Luck

BJ and I had our taxes done Saturday. The good news is that we qualify for the moving up credit. The bad news is that we were about $1,000 shy of being able to write off our medical expenses. And I say that it's the "bad" news only because I'm bitter that I didn't get a baby out of it and that I wanted some of the money back. I think it's only fair...whether you pay $20,000 for 6 tries in the shared risk program or if you pay $8,000 for a one shot deal, we should get some of our money back for not getting the product for which we paid. Whatever. I should just shut up and be glad that we qualified for the housing credit.

As we are sitting there going over our medical amounts with the tax lady (this is the 3rd year she has done them for us) she sees the total and says "are you guys trying to get ill on me?" and I responded with "no, we were trying to get a baby." She nodded and did the "ahhh" thing and continued with her work. BJ went on to say what a racket he thought the whole place was and I defended the clinic (although I don't know why) while she punched in the numbers. When she was finished, she looks at us as serious as can be and says to me..."you need to stand on your head and you (looking at BJ) need to just drop it in." We laughed because what else is there to do when someone makes a comment like that? She then proceeds to tell me a story about how she went through years of testing and prodding trying to get pregnant and then she stumbled upon this doctor. He said she had "hesions" in her uterus, did a D&C and put in an IUD for 6 months. He took it out and told her to "stand on her head and have her husband drop it in" and wouldn't you know she was KU within 6 weeks?

Of course, I had to look him up. BJ and I found him online yesterday and he told me that I needed to give him a call today. So I did. And wouldn't you know that he doesn't accept any form of insurance and an office visit for a new patient is $250. I was thinking that I could maybe talk to him and see what his thoughts were on my case and see if he had an opinion since he specializes in infertility testing. I know the whole "standing on my head" thing is a crock, but the guy has been around for over 30 years and he's been all over the world and, like I said, he specializes in infertility testing. I can't spend $250 on an office visit and then pay out of pocket for anything he'd want done. I could get reimbursed 80% from my insurance for any tests, but infertility testing is very expensive and I just can't spend that kind of money right now. This blows.

So, first we don't qualify to have our IVF written off our on our taxes and now I can't even get in to see this guy and see what he thinks. Just my luck.

I did tell BJ that I'm probably going to ask my regular ob/gyn for clomid. He seemed ok with that. I think he's thinking what I'm thinking...we have to try something that doesn't cost us hardly any money because we don't really have the money to spare right now. If we didn't need a lawn tractor and a shed to put it in then maybe we could do an IVF, but alas...there are real life things that we need to spend our tax refund on...can't go throwing money into the wind on hopes and dreams anymore. Been there, done that. The hopes and dreams are still here but we have to be responsible with our money. Responsibility sucks.

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