Monday, March 1, 2010

Thank You

Thank you, once again, for being there. For reading. For understanding. For just being you. I've received some of the kindest, most welcomed comments this week...especially on my FB ranting post. And to answer the main questions of "why not just hide her"...she's my ex-sil and I still feel pretty close to her. She means no harm, she's just so wrapped up in her own world that she doesn't stop to think about how her actions may affect others. Almost everyone that she is "friends" with has kids or is pg so she lives in a totally different world than I do. Although I know she knows that her brother and I were never able to conceive....she just doesn't think about that. She even changed her profile picture to her u/s picture. Anyway, enough about her. Thank you to all of those that stopped by for ICLW and left great comments. I'm sorry that we are all living in this IF world, but at least we have each other.

I was also given a couple of awards and I will post about that in a day or so. I have some other things I want to get out in the open first, but I didn't want to just skim over that. So thank you very much Patrish and AnxiousMummyto3 for my awards. I will do a better job of accepting them shortly. I appreciate every and all readers so know that I am honored to receive these awards.


Kelly said...

If you aren't comfortable though, just remember that it's "ok" to hide her. She's not going to know and it may help you.

I agree with you...the IF world sucks but it helps that we have each other. (((HUGS)))

C said...


It is so, so tough to find a balance between people we care about and the awful things they do/ say while we are dealing with IF. Some of my best friends sent me their u/s pictures, baby updates, etc shortly after I lost the triplets. They just don't get it. I had to remind myself of that hundreds, if not thousands, of times. People are just so wrapped up in their own realities sometimes.

Hope you have a great week!