Thursday, March 18, 2010

Timing is Everything

"Timing is everything" is a very common saying. It is also one of the most truest cliches out there. When I think about TTC, all I can think about is timing. The more I learned about TTC and fertility and ART, the more I realized that timing really is everything.

We have to take our temperature at the same time each morning.
We have to POAS a couple of times a day (sometimes) to figure out what time we should be having sex.
We have to actually find the time to have the sex necessary to get KU....during our fertile time.
We have to wait at least 10dpo to POanotherS otherwise, our timing could be off and we could get a false negative (yeah, like any of my negatives have been false).
The timing of CD1 is imperative to anyone undergoing a medical fertility treatment of any sort.
We have to make sure we don't waste any time getting our DH's SA to the lab for analysis.
We have to get up at the crack of dawn (sometimes) for CD3 bloodwork and ultrasound...I hate those times.
We have to start our Clomid on time.
We have to take our injections at the same time each day.
We have to trigger at a certain time to make sure we ovulate on time.
The IUI has to be done at a certain time to make sure the swimmers have enough time to get where they need to go.
We have to have our ER 36 hours after our trigger time fertilization properly.
We have to give the embies time to grow (usually 3 to 5 days).
Then the embies have to be put back at a certain time to maximize their livelyhood.
We then wait until we are pretty sure that the trigger shot has had time to leave our system as to not get a false positive when we POAS.
Then it all starts over.

Who would have thought that the timing of all of this had to be so precise? I remember in health class they would just tell us that the egg came out on day 14 and then the sperm went in (we all know the sperm needs to be there first and wait for the egg. Hey, that's funny...the sperm comes from the man and men are always complaining about waiting on a woman..the egg! Ha Ha! I'm here all week folks.) and they meet up and live in the fluffy uterus for 9 months. They said it could happen at any time...boy were they wrong about that whole timing thing.

I'm trying to pass this 2ww by not thinking about fertility or my lack thereof. I've been doing a pretty good job. So good in fact, that I forgot to take my temperature this morning. Thank goodness I'm far enough away from ovulation and from AF that missing one day isn't going to make or break my cycle. Plus, with the warm weather and sunshine I have a lot more to think about. I can't wait until they come and finish our yard. I'm itching like crazy to plant some flowers and hang some flower baskets and get some deck boxes for the back deck. I've never been much on planting until we were trying to sell the old house and wanted to spruce up the outside. I loved watering and watching things grow and bloom. Especially because I'm not a green thumb so I have no idea what most of the plants were that I planted, so each one was a surprise as it grew. :-) I bought some big flower pots that I'd like to fill this weekend to get some color until they finish our yard. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

All that timing is so complicated, it makes your head spin! To think that some people just do the deed and then are happily surprised by a missed period and a positive hpt just BLOWS MY MIND sometimes.
Hope you get to do some planting soon! I'm ordering seeds for my veggie garden today - exciting stuff!

HopeBPatient said...

I totally get you on this. I'm back to doing the BBT charts and trying to get a happy face on an OPK this month since we're in a "rest" month from failing an IVF cycle last month (where "rest" to us means, try on our own so we don't have to go to another IVF cycle!) It really seems almost inconceivable that people get pregnant without having a clue or paying the least bit of attention to all of this "timing." Such is the way the world works, I guess.......

Patrish said...

I too am trying to occupy my time. I just hung up the deck planter boxes and picked up some seeds to get started. Here's to hoping something blooms......