Thursday, March 17, 2011

CD 1

My period started this morning.  And wouldn't you know that I was supposed to have my annual exam this afternoon?  The doctor's office has rescheduled with me twice and I was afraid of this happening.  I made my first phone call to my OB/GYN to reschedule.  She's not free to see me in the office closest to my house until May 3!  My next phone call was to my nurse, Crystal.  I left her a message letting her know that today is day 1.  She should be calling me soon to tell me to start my bcp on Saturday, CD3.  This is really now.  By the time May 3 comes around I will probably be in my 2ww.  Not sure I will be keeping that appointment.  Probably not a good idea to have a pap when I'm trying to create a great place for a baby to grow.  We'll see.  I'll ask Crystal when I talk to her this afternoon.

I will admit that I was still hoping for a miraculous conception.  My period wasn't late or anything but the only sign that I had that she was coming was a headache Monday night.  I pretty much chalked that up to all the driving I did.  My moods have been pretty mellow, I haven't been overly tired, I don't feel bloated...although my boobs have been hurting since Saturday...but that could mean either pregnant or not....I was going with the former.  Silly girl.

I was happy to see AF arrive, but I was also scared.  We are doing this.  We are spending the money (as dumb as it may be right now) and we are moving forward.  I'm going to be giving myself shots in a little over 3 weeks.  The roller coaster ride has officially begun.

In other news...our neighbor (he has 3 boys and he loves sports and he's really good at sports) is going to be the Little Guy's little league coach this year!  Yay!  I think the LG will learn a lot from him and in a positive way.  They will have practices at the elementary school that is about 2 minutes from our house.  Double yay!  The first practice is this Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00.

My boss's last day is tomorrow.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it.  She's been driving me nuts these last 2 weeks trying to get all of her personal electronics straightened out and figured out.  She is very e-challenged and has always been able to just call me into her office when she needs help.  Not anymore.  I'm worried about her.  I've gone over her new cell phone with her and taught her some basic stuff.  She needs to get her phone numbers transferred over and that should be it.  Her office is a mess because she's cleaning stuff out.  My new boss told me today that he wants to have a sit-down Monday to go over a "bunch of things."  I.can't.wait.  Change is inevitable but sometimes it really sucks.

I offered up a peace offering to my co-worker from my last post.  She loves canned coke so I bought her one and left it on her desk with a little note that apologized for being 'difficult'.  She gave me a hug and said that she just wants 'the old TeeJay back'.  I smiled and thought to myself...'yeah, there's a lot of things I wish could be the old way'.  So we are fine for now and things will be so busy for me in the near future that I don't think I'll have time to 'not be nice'.  I'll be focused on work and on my upcoming IVF.  Not much room for anything else.

I have more to blog about but I'm a bit pressed for time right now.  I do want to let everyone know that I'm reading your blogs, I'm just not getting many comments in.  I've figured out how to "like" a post from my iPhone so I have been doing that a lot.  Please know that I am reading and rooting for you and my thoughts are always with you.  You guys are the greatest therapy a girl good have.


A said...

FWIW, my last annual was during my period- praying for you as you officially start your IVF cycle (HUG)

Amanda said...

This could be it! So exciting :) Wishing you tons of luck with this...I know it's overwhelming and scary, but it will be all worth it in the end.

Good luck with the new boss..

Alex said...

I had a pap during the stim phase of an IVF, and neither doc thought it was bad. But I don't blame you about not wanting to do it during the 2WW - that's the time when your body is totally off limits - you're making a baby!

I'm sorry your AF came - I know that feeling of hoping for a last-minute miracle. But now you're doing IVF, and I'm so excited for you!!!

someday-soon said...

I'm sorry you didn't get that pre-IVF BFP! I was keeping everything crossed that you would. I held out for one too but then found that starting IVF was so exciting and I was ready to jump in with both feet. Paying for it still sucked...but what is an IFer to do? Fork it over and give it all you have =) I'd say a pap in the TWW is not a good idea but I'll be interested to hear what the nurse had to say.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about cd1 :(.
I would be nervous too about a pap during the 2ww! Wow, I can't believe you're getting started with IVF this cycle. So exciting :).
And YAY for baseball season!