Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Things I Have Learned Recently

1 - Driving to and from Philadelphia in one day is exhausting.  I spent about 7 hours driving on Monday...all by myself.  I'm very proud of myself, though, as I have never driven that far alone before.  It was a little intimidating but I had my mapquest and my GPS to help me out.  I hit minimal traffic and was home by 6:20.

2 - It's a little harder to connect with my sister in person than it is electronically.  We had a nice visit but we were running a little short on things to talk about.  I'll have to write about our relationship another time but it's a little, um, awkward I think.  She's 6 years younger than me and we didn't grow up together.  We had lunch at the mall and talked a little and it was great to see her again.  I love her dearly and wish she didn't live so far away so that we could have a real relationship.

3 - My niece is adorable.  She's almost 3 (next month) and talks like a 4-year old.  She has red hair and brown eyes and skinny little legs.  She's smart, too.  She can play Angry 2!  She took a little time to warm up to me but by the end of things she ended up giving me a hug and a kiss good-bye and when I said "I love you" she responded in kind.  *sigh*  My heart melted.  Again, I wish my sister lived closer to me so I could really spend some time with her.

4 - I am apparently very stressed out and it's affecting my personality.  My co-worker/friend sent me an e-mail the other day asking me what has happened to me because I'm not very nice anymore.  Ouch.  There's back story here that justifies a bit of my problem with her, but not all of it.  I have since apologized and listed several reasons why I'm having a hard time lately:  My boss of 11 years is leaving, the other support staff aren't very supportive in the office so everyone is turning to me, I'm planning my boss's retirement party, I have no idea how the dynamic of the office is about to change, changes in the office staff have been rapidly happening around me and I feel I'm not sure where I fit in around here anymore.  What I didn't mention to her is my upcoming IVF, the fact that BJ's company could be on the brink of bankruptcy (another story for another time) and just my overall feelings of wanting to go away for a couple of weeks to just clear my head and chill and reset myself.  Anyway, we are ok now but I definitely need to make sure I keep my stress level out of my everyday behavior.

5 - My husband has good sperm, they are little warped, but the doctor isn't worried about it.  His concentration was 39 million (they want it above 20), his motility was 63% (they want it above 50%) and his morphology was 10% normal (they prefer it above 14%).  My nurse said that because the concentration was so high there wasn't much concern for the morphology.  Ok, I can live with that.

6 - My husband really needs to listen to me better.  I explained to him, more than once, how confusing the clinic's new location was and told him specifically how to get into the building.  He scoffed at my persistence with him.  Guess what happened?  I got a panicked and nasty, I might add, phone call from him because he was lost and didn't know how to get into the building.  GRRRR!  His phone was cutting out because he was in the parking garage and I was trying to talk and he just kept talking over was not pleasant to say the least.  He finally did what I told him to do (this was probably the 5th time I explained it to him) and he made it with his swimmers just fine.  What is it with some men that they just don't listen?  I was so irritated with him because that phone call was exactly what I was trying to avoid.  But it's done and over and now I know that he will never listen to what I say no matter how many times I say it so I will just save my breath.

7 - I'm exceptionally ready for Spring this year.  The trees along Capitol Hill are starting to bud and the tulips that are planted in the park across the street are growing nicely and will be blooming soon...I can't wait.  I'm so done with the cold weather and the brown grass and bare trees...I really need Spring this year.  It'll be like a new start, hopefully.


Pie said...

Ahh, men. All I can say is I hear ya. Boy oh boy, do I hear ya.

And Spring! Spring in your area is so nice, I miss that. Here in the midwest, spring is still a while away. The cherry blossoms cant be too far away for you, they are so lovely!!

A said...

I can't believe your coworker emailed you that! I guess she is a straight-shooter! :-P I hope all the latest stresses melt away in time for a peaceful, successful IVF!

Alex said...

I have a good friend that we connect wonderfully on the phone or on email, but definitely not in person. It's weird, I know!

And I feel the same way about my hubs listening to me - does not happen!!!

Hoping your stress level decreases prior to the IVF!

someday-soon said...

I'm sorry your so stressed, it's understandable with all you have going on {{{HUGS}}} Happy you had a good visit with your sis. I wouldn't have a lot to talk about with mine either but so fun that you got some time with your neice. My DH has a listening issue too, no idea what it's all about. Good news about your DH's swimmers!

Erin said...

I had to laugh about your husband. Mine does the exact same thing and it drives me batshit crazy. Sometimes if I know it's going to be an issue later, I will tell him he's not allowed to ask me about such-and-such later when he can't figure something out. That usually works. ;-)
That's good news about his sperm! Sounds like a really high count!!

Lindsay said...

oh my all kinds of going ons in your world!
I hope the stress works out a bit better.

Anonymous said...

Ack! That email from your coworker would have ruined my week! My old boss used to act like there was NOTHING in my life outside of work, and he had no idea how stressful my job was, so he was completely dumfounded when my attitude was a little "off".
Sorry things are so stressful right no! Hopefully you can get out and enjoy this lovely weather this weekend and get a breather from all the crazy :).