Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Something is Happening and Are You Kidding Me??

I started taking my bcp on Saturday as that was CD3.  Today, which is only Wednesday, I have really sore boobs.  I'm guessing that is because of the horomones that are in the pills.  Although, I don't remember that from when I have taken bcp before.  Especially this early in my cycle.  Maybe it's because my body has just decided to do something different like it does every once in a while, I don't know.  Maybe it means that the horomone level is too high for me.  I hope not.  I don't want to be supressed so much that my ovaries won't produce anything while stimming.

Either way...I can tell that there are artificial horomone stimulants in my body.  They hurt like they did this last cycle right before my period started.  I hope my body adjusts to this pill and it goes away.  I have a very small chest but these little things are pretty damn sore.

I am also experiencing some left ovary pain.  It sort of feels like a cyst and it sort of feels like I'm ovulating.  Very strange, indeed.  It comes and goes so I don't really know what to make of it.  I'm hoping that something bad isn't happening, like my poor ovar is shriveling up never to make another viable egg.  Ugh...I have such an imagination.

The are you kidding me part of this post is basically a rant about the other woman (the Little Guy's mother).  We have the LG 50 % of the time.  This is basically every other day during the week and then every other weekend.  It works fine for us so far.  When he's older it might not work so well but it does for now.  The OW is taking classes at the community college, which is great.  She has class Monday and Wednesday nights so we have the LG those nights and she now has him Tuesday and Thursday nights.  It's different than what we are used to (it would switch every other week) but it's working and we don't have a choice and it's fine.  It will be this way until May when her semester is over.  As you know, the LG has started baseball.  His practices (until games start) are Tuesday and Thursday, her nights.  Last week she asked if BJ could pick the LG up from daycare on Tuesdays because she has a horse to take care of and she'll just pick the LG up after practice at 7:30. a horse (that you can see on Sundays) is more important than taking your son to practice?  Ok...BJ agreed and so that put him at picking the LG up M, T and W.  She called BJ yesterday and asked him if he could pick the LG up on Thursdays, too!  This is how the conversation went:

OW - soooo Thursdays....are you picking LG up and taking to practice?
BJ - no...practice doesn't start until 6:00
OW - well it will be hard on me because by the time I pick him up after work and we rush to do homework and's all about rushing, it's not like I'm spending quality time with him.
BJ - that's how it will be at our house, too...just as much rushing...but you know what?  I'll pick him up.

So now BJ is responsible for picking him up M, T, W and Th.  I love that they will have that much time together but really?  I'm pissed at her for throwing 4 nights of homework and 2 nights of practice all on BJ.  Where is her sense of responsibility?  Rushing around and trying to eat, do homework and get to practice are all things that happen when you have a child that is involved in activities.  How do you just shirk that off?  Again, it's not about the LG here, it's about her not doing what a parent should.  I feel bad for BJ that he has to handle all of the after school stuff by himself and I wish I could get home earlier to help out.  She seems to be thinking only of herself.  Not cool, lady.

BJ told me that what he really wanted to say to her was "why don't I just keep him 7 days a week?"  She actually was complaining to me that with her school schedule, she is not seeing him from Friday morning until Tuesday after school.  And now she wants to limit her time even more?  Makes no sense to me.  We will go with it because that is what we do.


Anonymous said...

When my parents divorced (I was 13), I was terrified that they would try and split our time with them in some kind of arrangement like that (or even worse, like 6 months off and 6 months on, like a friend's parents). Turns out my dad didn't really want the responsibility at all, so all we had was every other weekend! And he told my mom to make sure we had all of our homework and other stuff done BEFORE we went to his house. Ridiculous. He only wanted the fun part of parenting...none of the actual PARENTING.

Amanda said...

Sounds like a tough situation..on the one hand, more time the better, but on the other hand, it's a lot more responsibilities and might make the LG wonder why his mom isn't around. I hope things work out for all of you...

And I also hope your bosy starts adjusting to this new bcp!

Mel. said...

I was thinking exactly what BJ said.... So glad that the two of you can step up and be such good parents to the LG!

someday-soon said...

I took BCPs for 15 years and then was off them for 3 years while TTC. When I took them before my IVF cycle I was AMAZED at all the side effects I felt from them. I cried a lot and felt totally hormonal. Happy you only have to be on them two weeks!

Sorry the OW is such a looser. I can't imagine giving up any time with my kid that I could possibly have. So happy LG has you and BJ!!!

Alex said...

This is so painful - working with each others schedules, and all the drama that comes with it. It sounds like BJ has really stepped up, and continues to prove what an amazing father he is!

And thanks for your sweet comment on my post - I really appreciate hearing about things from your perspective.