Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happiness Is...

It's been way too long since I have done of these and I need to get back to here goes.

- noticing the trees up on Capitol Hill are starting to get the tiniest of buds on them...Spring is coming!

- attending a crop for charity last Saturday and getting quite a bit of work done.  I'm about 2 years behind on our family album (that's so sad) so it was really good to get some pages done.

- having a conversation with my little Gizmo.  It usually goes something like this:
me - where's your paper? (his most favorite thing to chase/fetch/bat around is balled up paper!)
him - quiet meow that is barely audible
me - where's your paper??
him - high pitched squeak
me - did you lose it under the stove again?
him - loud squeaky meow
me - I go hunting for the paper and if I can't find it, I make him a new toy.  :-)
He's so much fun

- the Little Guy has baseball tryouts this Saturday!  Yay for baseball being back.  He will be playing kid pitch this year so we are very excited.  Tryouts are basically just to place players in a fair manner onto each team.  He will have a team within a couple of weeks and then practices will be starting!

- going to see my sister and her kids Monday!  She's getting married in June and I'm in the wedding.  We haven't seen each other since the Summer of 2003.  We've had a strained relationship over the years but thanks to FB we have reconnected.  I'll write more about my family eventually but for now I'm just very excited to see her and my nephew and meet my niece for the first time.

- getting a new decal for the back window of my trailblazer.  It was the Redskins emblem but it was old and tired and I decided I needed a change.  So now I have the Capitals emblem back there.  I couldn't thank BJ enough for putting it on for I'm stylin'!


someday-soon said...

I always love your happiness lists =) Look forward to hearing how your visit with your sis goes. My relationship with mine is strained too and I know how tough that can be. Woo-hoo for Spring being just around the corner!!!!

Alex said...

Your happiness lists are the best! Such wonderful things...

AplusB said...

Great list and great attitude!

Anonymous said...

I always have loved these posts! You and I are peas in a pod with the dorkiness about sports. :) Hubs and I root for the Bills and the Chiefs....we break out the decals when we're visiting my folks in KC on game days! xoxo

This crazy life of mine... said...

Love this! It's nice to take a minute and think about the little things that make us happy. =)

Anonymous said...

This is a great list and a great idea!