Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a very lovely weekend.  Mine was a mixed bag of busy and lazy...just the way I like it.  Although I can totally do without any more snow.  I can't believe that it snowed yesterday morning...and it was so cold.  I felt like writing a letter to Old Man Winter and giving him a piece of my mind.  Either that or Mother Nature is smoking something and doesn't realize that it's supposed to be Spring and lovely weather....not snow.

We had the nursery guy come out Friday evening and we talked with him for about 30 minutes.  It was nice to talk to him because he obviously knows his stuff.  I wished the weather would have cooperated this weekend because we are so ready to get outside.  He's going to sketch something up for us and we will talk again in about a week to see what he has come up with.  They charge $250 for this service, but then you get a $250 credit with their store...not bad.

We went to a local home show Saturday.  We received free tickets from one of BJ's coworkers that sells Scentsy so we figured we'd check it out.  We collected a bunch of brochures but it's nothing we really need.  It's still fun to look, though.  Saturday night we went out to listen to a local band.  The singer's girlfriend was the bartender at the Lodge where they were playing.  BJ had her make me a drink and it was good.  There wasn't a lot of alcohol in it but I knew it was an orange crush...yummy.  Since BJ was only having a couple of beers I decided to have another drink.  She obviously added more alcohol to this one.  I also drank the last 1/3 of it pretty quickly as it was time to go and I'm not one to throw a perfectly good drink away.  :-)  That drink kicked my ass!  I haven't been drunk in quite a while but I definitely was Saturday night.  I've had a good buzz here and there, but this was all out drunk.  It started hitting me more and more on the way home, which was only about a 7 minute drive.  Thankfully I was still "with it" enough to have some adult fun once we got home but you better believe that I was out like a light afterward.  :-)  And since it was really just the one drink that did me in I didn't have a hangover Sunday.  I look at it as my last big hurrah before I start stims next week (hopefully).

Sunday was a lazy day in which all I did was run to the dollar store to get some decorations for my old boss's retirement party.  After that we just hung out at home and watched a movie.  We watched Blood Diamond.  Such a good movie but it continually stressed me out.  I kept waiting for the really tragic end but was pleasantly surprised when the family was reunited.  That is the kind of movie that just makes my heart ache for other parts of the world.

I had to do some research on my bcp because my boobs are so sore that I can barely stand it.  After reading about this brand of pill I feel like I am just having a normal reaction.  Most of the reviews I read stated the same things I'm experiencing...sore breasts and extreme tiredness.  This pill evidently has more progestin than most pills and it also affects your CM to be inhospitable, changes your cervix to not let swimmers through and if they DO get through, affects the uterus so that an egg can't implant...not that one will come out of the ovary when on the pill but I guess one can never be too sure.  A very potent pill indeed.

My only concern right now is that I have a cyst.  I'm experiencing all the signs of a cyst on my left ovary.  I will be so pissed if I'm delayed this cycle.  There's nothing I can do but wait until my scan on Saturday and that seems like an eternity right now.  So if you could, please send some "no cyst" vibes (prayers) my way...I would much appreciate it.  There's so much riding on this cycle and I really just want to keep on track...for my sanity's sake.  You guys are the best!


Alex said...

Oh I hope you don't have a cyst! I'm sending all kinds of good thoughts your way!!!

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love a two-drink "drunk" :). That's the best kind - just like you said, lots of fun but no hangover the next day! I'm a cheap drunk nowadays, I just can't put 'em back like I used to. Probably a good thing :).
Sending LOTS of cyst-free ovary vibes your way for Saturday's scan!
Isn't this cold snap just annoying? I'm so ready for REAL spring warm weather!

Pie said...

No cyst, no cyst, no cyst!!

I hear ya, I am waaaaay over the winter. I need some spring, pronto!