Monday, July 13, 2009

I am with child....sort of

The evening before my transfer I was a ball of nerves. We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and I couldn't even finish my Chimichangas. That is unheard of for me. I love chicken Chimichangas! But I guess I had other things on my mind.

I got up early and got BJ and the little one out the door and started my 80 mile trek. I hardly hit any traffic, thank goodness for Summertime Friday traffic, so I got there about 8:40. I was starving and had to pee like there was no tomorrow. I brought a bottle and a half of water with me to drink once I arrived so that my bladder would be nice and full. I used the restroom and proceeded to eat one of the pop-tarts that I bought. As I sat in the lobby I drank down the 1/2 bottle of water. I decided to go upstairs and wait in the office. I was mystified by the fact that I didn't have to pee yet. With my nerves and active bladder I should have had to go by now. It was 9:05 when I decided I better down the other bottle of water as my appointment was set for 9:30. I still didn't have to go. All these thoughts were running through my head:

- you just HAD to pee when you got here, didn't you?
- how could you have messed this up? they need a FULL bladder to transfer
- what is wrong with you that you don't have to pee after all that water?
- why did you eat that pop-tart? you know it was going to soak up the water!

I was called back at 9:35 and sat in the room and waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, I had to pee. I thought for sure I was going to go all over the table before the doctor came in. Transfer was set for 10:00, it was now 5 after...where is the doctor? Are the embies ok? Did they die and no one bothered to tell me? Have they forgotten that I'm in here? I have to pee, I have to pee, I have to pee!

I loved the doctor that came in to explain everything. She was great and friendly...not too clinical at all. I thought my bladder would pop when the speculum went in. She was impressed with my full bladder. :-) All that suffering was for a good cause. The transfer went smoothly and I even got a picture of my wonderful 8-cell embies. I also found out that the other mature egg fertilized, just abnormally. Apparently BJ's swimmers are determined because 2 of them got in there.

I was put on bed rest for 24 hours and told to take it easy for the next several days. I'm a very good patient so I vegged most of the weekend. Yesterday it just happened to be at a pool party so now I'm sporting a great tan!

My beta is scheduled for 7/24 but I will be POAS before then. I'm not much on waiting for that phone call. Did that with the first IUI and it was torturous. Here's to a quick 2ww!


Eileen said...

Good luck! Glad that everything went well! I look forward to reading your BFP announcement soon!

Anonymous said...

good luck and here's to an easy tww

TeeJay said...

Thank you Eileen! I'm hoping you are right and I get to make that post! I can't even imagine being able to do that!

TeeJay said...

Thank you gracieinbrooklyn! I plan on trying to keep myself extra busy to help the time pass!