Monday, August 16, 2010

An Unexpected Pit Stop

Why is it that weekends seem to just fly by and leave us with nothing but longing for another one? It would be a better America if I could just work Monday through Thursday. I'm just a Monday Hater so don't mind me.

BJ and I went dining room table shopping Saturday. We had one picked out for a very long time. It was a coordinating piece for our kitchen table. Remember the triangle table that we bought that was a beautiful dark, rich wood finish? Well, it had a dining table made of the same wood but it was rectangular. We loved it back then. When we finally found it on Saturday...we hated it. It's really smaller than we thought and wouldn't be a comfortable place for 6 adults. I'm so sad. Now we start the process all over again. We didn't like anything at the store we were at and then we were tired of looking and knew that we needed to hit the grocery store before going home so we bailed. We are having BJ's sister, husband, 3 kids and her husband's parents over for Thanksgiving! We need a table....NOW. It's back to the drawing board for us.

On the way home from the furniture place, we passed the cemetery where BJ's parents are buried. He's never taken me there. He swung a u-turn and we were on our way. He found their site very easily. He has only been there a few times over the years so he wasn't sure if he'd remember where they were. It's a veteran's cemetery so all the headstones pretty much match. It was sad for me to see their names on the stone. They are buried in the same plot, much like many of the other vets that are there. BJ seemed ok but I know it hurts him on the inside. It makes me sad because I know how I would feel if I had lost my parents so young. He didn't have a Norman Rockwell childhood, but they were still his parents and he loved them. I'm glad he took me there. I actually got to 'meet' his parents for the first time. He's never taken the Little Guy and I think he should. It's not a bad place, it's just a place where people rest for eternity. I think it would be a good experience for him. The Little Guy's middle name is BJ's dad's first name and it might make it more special for him to see that with his own eyes. Being there and seeing BJ's mom's name just reiterated that I would use part of her name and mesh it with my grandmother's name to make a little girl's first name. Once I hit my deadline for a baby (IF I hit that deadline) I will post the names and the stories behind those names but for now, they are my secret. It was an unexpected stop along our way but a very welcome one.

A quick Smokey update, too....I talked to the vet Saturday morning and asked if I could use the drops that we switched Gizmo to instead of the ointment and she said yes. My Smokey does not like drops in the eyes! She's a trooper and she still loves me, thank goodness. Her eyes are getting so much better, too. And she actually played a little last night. She slept on my lap for a while and it was so nice to have her there. Gizmo slept on BJ's lap at the same time and I wish there were someone there to take our picture...each with a cat in our lap. I love my kitties.


Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Oh, I hate that Jeckyl & Hyde furniture experience!! I've had the same before when I liked something at one point and hated it later!! But I figure it's better for it to happen to you in the store than to get it home and learn to hate it but be stuck with it for 15 years!

I'm way on board with the 4-day workweek too! I talk about that ALL the time. I'd much rather work 10 hour Mon-Thurs and get Fri/Sat/Sun off.

Glad to hear that Smokey is doing so well!

Alex said...

Although it's always hard to go to a graveyard, that's so nice that BJ took you there. That must have been sweet to meet his parents.

Glad to hear Smokey is getting better!!!

suchagoodegg said...

Hurray on Smokey's improved health!!!

And that sounds like a therapeutic trip to the cemetery. How lovely to use his family's names in your children's names. I know those posts explaining the stories behind your names WILL come. I believe it with my whole heart. xo