Monday, August 23, 2010

Impulse Shopping at its Best

We went to the mall Saturday to get the Little Guy some school shoes. For any newbies out there, I'm a step mom to a 9-year old little boy. We walked the mall for 2 hours looking for shoes and ended up getting a pair in the first store we looked. I also found a curtain rod for my new curtains. It's not as cool as the one in the living room, but I like it and it was on sale. And then of course the store is having a door buster sale so we decided to look at some jeans for the Little Guy. We got 2 pair for $25.00 and then got an additional percentage off! Then he saw a shirt that he HAD to have. It was on sale for 40% off so of course BJ caved and let him get it. Then BJ saw a pair of shorts that he liked that were marked down from $26 to $9.99...and we got the additional percentage off. The cashier scanned a coupon for us that saved us another $15.00! So with all the little things we picked up....curtain rod, jeans, shirt and shorts...we only spent $78! I so could have looked at the women's clothes but decided that we had spent enough money. At the bottom of the receipt, it said we saved $96! I was delighted. Plus, the Little Guy has new shoes and an outfit for the first day of school so he is pleased as well. Going in for shoes and coming out with all of that lets me know that the stores are doing their job of getting us to buy more than we came in for.

BJ put my curtains up and I love them. I had to borrow a steamer from our neighbor to get the creases out and I love them even more now. I didn't take any pictures because I would love to get a dining room table very soon and call it a complete room for now...until I paint and we get wood floors.

Yesterday we actually went looking for a dining table at a local store. They had 1 table set that we liked it was over $2,000 and only came with 4 chairs. Way over priced and so we moved along. BJ wanted to hit the office supply store and look for a new calendar for work. So we walked through and came upon the desks. We decided to order a desk for our office! It's a (fake) cherry finish and it's U shaped and has a hutch. A great deal at $400 considering you can't touch a complete set like that at the furniture stores for that cheap. So we went in for a calendar and came out with a desk on order. :-) Impulse shoppers for sure. The desk should be delivered the day after Labor Day. It will look so much better in there than the old desk I have. I have not unpacked the office because I wanted a new desk and I thought I'd be looking at those boxes for a year. Glad that is over. Plus, with a finish like that we can get a book case or a file cabinet to match.

In cycle news....I'm pretty sure I'm ovulating this morning. I tested so many times on Saturday and I finally got a positive read out at 10:45pm. BJ wanted to have some fun so we did even though I knew we were a little early. I tested yesterday morning and still had the positive so I was hoping to feel ovulation yesterday afternoon (as would be typical for my body) but I didn't. We skipped last night so I have to hope that the swimmers that got up there at 11:30 Saturday night are still hanging out. It's as close as we have come in a while so I'm going to stay positive about things. Even though last night would have been better. My stupid body is always trying to foil things. I usually (before IVF and all that jazz) ovulate on CD13 and here it is CD14. Go figure.


Kelly said...

Wow! Great news about your savings!

Perhaps get a night of fun in tonight to cover your bases? :)

Anonymous said...

Dining room tables are so expensive - we've never bought a new set yet b/c I haven't wanted to spend the $. We're still using a crappy set that we bought from the owner of the townhouse we rented a few years ago.
Isn't it annoying when you think you're body is going to do one thing and then it does another? Still, the timing is pretty good!

Alex said...

Awesome savings - you're such a good shopper! Oh I hope you catch that egg - get busy, sister!

Grace said...

LOVE spaving. it's the best. i totally get a shopping high when i find good deals ;)
good luck with this cycle!!!
happy iclw :)

Kristin said...

You got some great deals on your back to school shopping!

And, wishing you the best of luck with this cycle.