Friday, August 13, 2010

Happiness Is...

- doing a happiness is post. I have missed doing them and I need to get back in the habit. They remind me that the small things are what matter. And I'm sure it's nice for my readers too, as ya'll don't have to wonder what foul mood I'm in every day. :-)

- the Little Guy qualifying for honors classes for the 4th grade! He got straight A's on his last report card and only got 4 B's (I think) all year so he definitely deserves the upgrade. I just hope his dad and I can help him when he gets stuck on something.

- planning to get to together with friends from our old stomping grounds. We haven't seen them in months and I really miss them. And we have lots of celebrating to do because they recently won the state lottery! It's not like they can stop working, but they can relish being debt free and we couldn't be happier for them.

- my Smokey being on the mend! Her appointment went well and I have been instructed to give her the same eye ointment as Gizmo took to clear up her eyes. She ate at the office and she ate and even drank when she came home. She has no fever and the vet confirmed that her bloodwork looked good. She said that cats can carry the feline herpes virus and it can flare up under stress and cause her symptoms. Well, what could be more stressful than a pesky kitten jumping on you all day and not being able to get away from him? She laid on my lap for an hour last night and it was great to have her there. I have full confidence that she will get better and be back to her old self soon. I can't wait.

- watching my husband cuddle with Gizmo. Although it's hard to watch because I wish I could see our baby in his arms, I love watching him be sweet and tender with the kitten. He gives Gizmo kisses and talks baby talk to him and it warms my heart to see that side of him. The Little Guy was 4 when I came into their lives so I've never seen him like that. It's just too cute.


Alex said...

Yay for Smokey being better! I love this list - love it when you do your happiness posts.

Pie said...

Sooooo glad to hear Smokey is on the mend. And lottery winners! Wow, now if they could get some of that luck to rub off on the rest of us, right?

Have a great weekend, TeeJay!

Mel. said...

Love everything on your list! So glad especially that Smokey is on the mend!!