Friday, August 27, 2010

Not Sure What to Think

You know how I thought I ovulated on Monday and then I thought I ovulated on Wednesday? I'm not sure I ovulated at all. I got the positive OPK late Saturday night and it was still positive (no the same strip) Sunday morning. That is why I figured Monday was the big O day. That and my physical signs pointed that way, too. Until Wednesday. I didn't get my temp spike and I was oozing (sorry, tmi) watery cm. I was also feeling some pinching in the left ovary. Ok, so that would mean that the temp spike would come this morning, right? Wrong. Maybe it's my thermometer, the battery is a little low. Or maybe I don't have enough progesterone in my body to make my temp spike. Or maybe I never actually ovulated.

My head is spinning. I can't believe that my reliable body has been letting me down so much this passed (past? I'm never sure which word to use) year. I'm still having some ovary pain and that would signal to me that I have a cyst. Nothing new for me but a cyst usually develops after ovulation. My temperature has not signaled that I ovulated.

I tried to buy a battery for the thermometer today but the drugstore didn't have the right size. I bought a new thermometer. I hope it works correctly. We'll see, I guess. Nothing to do but sit around and wait. Isn't that what we infertile girls do best? NOT.

We are shopping for a dining room table this weekend. I really hope we can find something and agree upon it. I'm also hoping to NOT spend a fortune. November is getting here fast and we need a table for Thanksgiving! Ack!

Our neighbors, Rick and Leslie, are having a party Saturday night. It's a combination 50th b-day party for Rick, a deck opening and a "hooray we finished our basement" party. It should be fun. Especially since neither of us have to drive and we can leave whenever we want. That's the part I like. Since I won't be drinking, I can just leave BJ there to enjoy himself and go home to bed. That's my kind of party. :-) Well, I might have one drink. Leslie makes really good drinks that don't contain much alcohol (unless you wan it to) and let's get real here, folks. The likelihood that I have a fertilized egg in me (from Monday or Wednesday or never) is slim to none. So I won't feel bad about having a drink.

Sunday will hopefully be a day of laundry, brief cleaning and sitting on the deck getting some sun. It's supposed to be wonderful this weekend, just like today. Mid 80's and low, low humidity...perfect.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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someday-soon said...

Hopefully it's a battery issue and you O'ed right on schedule!