Monday, August 30, 2010


The title says it all, doesn't it? This whole IF journey is unpredictable. From the first days of trying to the first visit with the RE to the eventual outcome of a fertility treatment. And now my body has joined right in with all the unpredictableness. Not even sure that's a word.

I've been having issues pinpointing my O this cycle. I finally got my temperature spike Saturday morning. Staying true to my pattern, that would mean that I ovulated on Thursday, CD17. Yeah, right. Not after getting a positive OPK on CD12 and CD13. But whatever. FF says I ovulated on Friday since my temp spiked Saturday morning but with the disclaimer that my OPK data does not support those facts. No sh!t Sherlock. Again, whatever. BJ and I did the deed Saturday night and Wednesday night and we will just have to wait and see what happens.

We did not find a dining room table. We had to cut our journey short and skip one store because BJ promised the neighbor that he'd bring him ice (for his party) at a certain time and we didn't want to be rushed. We did, however, seem to narrow down the kind of table we want. We are going to stick with counter/pub height. We like those tables the most and our kitchen table is that high and it works well when we have people over. I think I have also decided that I want a dark walnut color or black wood. I bought silver curtains and we are going to put hardwoods down eventually so I think a darker brown or black will work well. Not sure when we are going to head out looking again but hopefully in 2 weeks.

This upcoming weekend we will have the Little Guy and his 2 cousins, BJ's sister's boys. The SIL and her husband are spending Saturday at the National Harbor and then staying over. Our niece is going to her grandmother's for the night. We will have a house full of crazy little boys. I hope the weather holds out so that they can play outside some. I don't want them glued to the video games the whole time. Maybe I will introduce them to some games we played as a kid...Red Light, Green Light and Simon Says. If we can scrounge some of the other kids in the neighborhood they might even be able to play kickball in the back yard. How fun would that be? I hope the hurricane stays away for the weekend.

I just looked at the calendar and my period is due to start this weekend. Great. A house full of boys and I'll be grouchy, bloated, pissy, short tempered and sad. Although, with such a supposedly late O day, maybe she'll hold off until after the boys go home. Or maybe she won't show at all and I'll get my miracle, surprise, "how the hell did that happen" BFP. A girl can dream, right?


Alex said...

I really hate the unpredictableness of IF - just murder on our plans, our sanity, everything.

C'mon, BFP! Surprise, planned, we'll take it however we can get it!

someday-soon said...

Unpredictable is a perfectly accurate description! I hope AF surprises you and stays away for a long time =)

callmemama said...

I'm sorry your cycle is acting so strange, but I still hope there's a miraculous reason for it :).
Hope AF stays away 'til after your weekend!