Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happiness Is...

- sunshine and heat without the humidity. I went for a walk at lunch time and didn't even break a sweat. I love the warm sunshine and I will miss it in a couple of months when it's replaced by wind chills and cold weather.

- football being back! I know it's only preseason, but I'm stoked for it anyway. My team has a new QB this year and it's still hard for me to get behind him because I've been not liking him for so many years now, but I'm going to give it a shot.

- my husband verbalizing to me that he wants me to be pregnant. My last post might have made him out to be a sort of bad guy in this. He is not, for sure. He is someone that has never had to have sex on a schedule or be told when it was TIME for sex. He doesn't do well with the pressure of performing. He wants a baby with me. He said that a long time ago, before I was ready to throw out the bcp. He knows we are going on borrowed time right now. I was unusually tired last night and he said that he wished it was because I was pregnant. It was reassuring to hear him say that. It was also reassuring to hear him tell me that we would wait another day to have sex if I tested negative last night, which I did. He also said that he wants to do it tonight no matter what. :-) Like I said, he's a 'sex by the mood' kind of guy, not a schedule kind of guy. But it makes me happy to know that he is aware of my desire to be a mother and that he actually wants it to happen, too.

- knowing that tomorrow is Friday! It's what's getting me through today.

- my dining room curtains being delivered! I can't wait to put them up. I am going to Macy's tomorrow at lunch to find a nice curtain rod. I'm hoping they have some at the downtown store. My curtains were bought online from bed bath and beyond. They are the Venice (in silver) curtains. Very simple, but I think they look pretty elegant. And I think they will look even better once I get to paint. I'm not sure what color yet as BJ has nixed the red on top, white on bottom idea that I have wanted for so long. I am thinking of having him put shadow boxes around the room and painting the inside of them a deep red. I saw it at my neighbor's house and I really liked it. I just need to figure out what color the walls should be...

- BJ promising me that we would get Frosties this weekend! We saw a commercial last night and he said he wanted one and I had to agree, so he said we would be getting some this weekend!


Alex said...

I love this list, especially about your talk with BJ. This is amazing. Love that you both are on the same page!!!

Want to share pictures of the curtains when they're hung? I'd love to see them!

someday-soon said...

Frostie...yum =) Hope you have a great Friday!

Anonymous said...

Aww, how sweet of BJ. Our husbands can surprise us sometimes, huh?
Hope you have a great weekend!