Thursday, April 29, 2010

Totally Random and Off the Wall

Ok, ladies...I have a question for you. It's totally unrelated to TTC. Well, I guess it's not totally unrelated to TTC because it involves my va-jay-jay. And I'm really going to be disclosing too much information, but you gals are who I choose to ask about this as my IRL gals would probably be mortified or would think I was nuts-o.

I will start by saying that I am a trimmer and a shaver down in the nether regions. I've always been one to get rid of the few stragglers that like to stick out from my undies and my bathing suit. I am not a very hairy girl so it's never really been an issue other than bathing suit season. My ex didn't really spend time down there (I think once) so it really wasn't an issue. Now that I'm with BJ, things are very different in that regard. :-) He introduced me to trimming and then I sort of graduated to actually shaving things down nice and smooth. Let me tell you, it's a whole new world of smiles from my last marriage. Anywho...when I shave my bikini area it grows back pretty fast, and many times I have bumps. And since I started shaving more, I now have more hair to shave. Another issue I have is that the elastic in my underwear can really cause the tiny stubbles lots of pain if it happens to catch one or rub the wrong way. I was thinking of getting a bikini wax.

I'm scared to death to do this because of the pain it will cause me. I tried to wax my legs several years ago and only did one strip and called it quits. I can only imagine the pain associated with having my hoo-ha waxed. Will I be able to put underwear on afterward? Will they rip my skin off? Does it really last longer than shaving? I guess my main question is is it worth it?

The only issue BJ has with it (and he's so strange this way) is that he doesn't want another woman to see me all sprawled out nekkid. I'm sure he'd be happy with the results...which in turn makes him more likely to make me happy...wink, wink.

So there you have it...I've laid it all out there (almost literally) for your opinions. We are all adults and I hope that we can have a mature conversation about this topic. That being said....I actually looked up on Wiki the difference between a bikini and a brazilian wax and almost had a heart attack as I was scrolling down and reading (yes, I research everything) and stumbled upon 6 pictures (real life pictures!) of different ways to get your hoo-ha shaved. Holy cow, how did my work not firewall that?? I was so glad no one was walking by at the time...hard to explain that one. I don't think I've ever closed a browser so fast in my life. :-) I never did finish reading all of it, but decided heavily against the brazilian wax due to the fact that it includes my rear thanks.

So please help me with it worth the pain? Does it last longer? Will I faint? Will they rip my skin off? How long will it hurt afterward?


Adventures in Baby Waiting said...

Let me ease your fears some in the ladyville department. For my wedding I got the whole kit and caboodle waxed off as a sort of wedding/honeymoon gift to my beloved hubby. I researched and found a lady at a well known higher end spa who used dry wax instead of hot wax. She claimed it was less painful and faster. I went in, first time ever, took it all off and bared all. I almost canceled the appt on several occasions out of fear/embarassment but went through with it. I did stop at Sally beauty supply and bought a can of numbing spray which I sprayed before hand, not sure if it did anything but I felt good knowing I had used it. I think they wipe with alcohol first anyway. Okay, so anyway, any good waxer does ladyville parts so often they A.) are not alarmed by anything so don't feel embarassed and B.) have a knack for keeping conversation so that you don't think about things too much. I would fo sho go with the dry wax if you can find it, it really wasn't bad. I have had laser hair removal since then and LET ME TELL YOU THAT SUCKS! After waxing it's smooth as a babies butt and it does last a little longer and if you keep getting it done, rumor has it the hair thins out???? Maybe. I loved not having to shave for those couple weeks! Sheer bliss! Good luck!

Kait said...

I am a big fan of waxing. I don't even shave my legs, I get them waxed and then I use a depilator to keep them smooth until I get lazy and let the hair grow back and then I get them waxed again. I also get my bikini waxed. I HATE shaving down there as it gets so itchy. I never do it. I would highly recommend it. I don't think it hurts very bad, especially if you've trimmed it down so it's not very long.

Just so you know, you can still get ingrown hairs with waxing. There are astringents you can get to help minimize them, but they will show up. It's not very bad or anything but in case you thought waxing = no ingrowns I wanted to tell you that unfortunately that is not the case.

Good luck if you decide to do it!!!!

Fran said...

Hi! I do get the full wax occasionally. The hand of the beautician makes all the difference in my opinion...this one time I had a young one who was peeling off the strip almost as if it was fragile!! youziii! It has to be done quick and on a small area at a time, not the lot together or you'll really feel the pain and whatever about the wax (I never tried the dry one, I must check it out) it has to be done quickly.
Afterwards it's totally worth it, so clean, no bumps, you may be slightly irritated down there, but I have this tea-tree oil soothing lotion which is AMAZING. Oh, and normally they give you those paper-ridiculous-knickers to preserve a bit of your dignity!

Alex said...

Great topic! I'm very curious what other people say, and what you decide to do! I've thought about doing it for awhile, but it scares the bejeesus out of me! I've done the "American" style of waxing - just looked at wikipedia to see what you were referring to... And I like it, but I've never done full wax. The pain totally scares me. For my wedding, I waxed myself. I took off a lot more than an American, but a whole lot less than a Brazilian... It was kind of in the middle. And I don't recommend doing it yourself to anyone - it's just mean! Although I have waxed my own legs, and that wasn't bad. I recommend the Nair wax strips for that... For me, I just keep that area trimmed with an electric clipper thing, on the lowest setting. I don't shave unless I'm going in public with a bathing suit. But I would like to venture out to a real wax. Especially since I'm on the hairy side... But the money to keep it nice, and the pain - really scare me!

Oh, and I learned something new using the Wiki site - I never knew that brazilian meant everything comes off! I thought they would always leave a landing strip! Good to know - imagine my surprise if I wasn't clear in my instructions...

Isn't it fabulous we can talk about these things with somebody???

someday-soon said...

I've never done a salon wax, only a home bikini line wax about 15 times before various vacations. It was so painful and I usually bled a little from the hair needless to say I wasn't a big fan. Now I just trim and shave the straglers that lie outside the line. When I got my eyebrows waxed in a salon they puffed up for three days, it wasn't pretty. I can't imagine that happening to my lady business!

Pie said...

I will only wax. Shaving is soooo irritating to my skin - what u describe, but even worse. I go to a nicer spa (this isn't the place to be cheap, trust me) and they use a "sugar" wax, which is way more gentle. I don't think it hurts that much (take some Advil an hour before) and it lasts so much longer. Less irritation, less ingrown hairs. You'll never go back to shaving.

Kellyanne said...

Oh goodness! I was just talking about this the other day on an ivf site.

I am one of those girls who can shave, and get 5 o'clock shadow, by 3pm. If I shave it all, I get ingrown hairs, and you could swear I have a secret message in braille.

I do the wax thing on my own. Just to clean the top part, and I shave the other part, (lip area seems so much more sensitive) since its only the top part that gets the ingrowns for me.

Maybe just get him a pair of goggles for next time he goes diving ;)

Anonymous said...

I've only gotten my legs waxed (half leg anyway), and it was super painful, but it was amazing not to have to shave for a couple of weeks (this was right before a European vacation, so I was really psyched not to have to worry about shaving). The lady did tell me it gets less painful the more often you do it (well, no shit lady. you're killing all of my nerve endings).
I am terrified to the core of getting a bikini wax. TERRIFIED. I would have to go to a super high-end salon (you always hear those stories of heinous infections from brazilian waxes gone wrong on tv and it's always at a cheapo local salon), and I'd probably have to take some sort of valium or something. Even eyebrow waxes stress me out a little bit. For that though, it's not the waxing that hurts, but the tweezing afterward. I can't stand someone else tweezing my eyebrows...
Anyway, good luck whatever you decide!

Stefanie said...

I prefer the wax, it quick and it don’t have any rashes thereafter.
What ever you decide, good luck

Anonymous said...

Sorry to chime in late, but I am a fan of a 'conservative' wax. So much cleaner -- and if you go to a good place -- faster! Bliss Spa in NY has some great self-hardening wax that is used without cloth strips. Good stuff that other salons/spas use in other parts of the country. Good luck!