Monday, April 12, 2010

Quick Update

I've been a very bad blogger lately and I apologize for that. I haven't been posting. I've hardly commented and I'm barely even reading anything lately. Last week at work was so busy I barely had time to leave my desk to tinkle, let alone any blogging time. I had 2 co-workers out last week (one is out again this week) and we had a lot going on in their absence. I've been busy at home with Easter, baseball, neighbors and everything else. And to top it off, I'm sick. I thought I was just having bad allergies since pollen has been so high lately but as it turns out, I have a virus.

I'm in the 2ww. I'm pretty sure I felt ovulation start last Monday evening. FF put me as ovulating on Tuesday because of my temps. They've been on the high side for me this cycle and I'm not sure why. However, I stopped temping because I've been coughing and hacking most of the night keeping myself awake and knew that nothing would be accurate. So I guess I'm 7DPO today. We did some BD'ing last Sunday which was good timing for us so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. When I felt the ovulation pains they were on both sides. So I'm hoping the Clomid did the trick and produced at least 2 mature eggs!

We were invited to a party by one of our new neighbors (R and L) last Saturday night. We went with the neighbors that live next to us (S and K) and had a nice time. R and L really know how to party. And their house is beautiful. I'll write more about that experience later. On Easter, we had a big egg hunt with my SIL and her family. Then we were invited to her in-law's for dinner. There was much playing outside and sitting on porches that day as it was spectacular weather. Last Monday, the SIL and her 3 kids joined the Little Guy and me at the White House for the Easter Egg Roll. It was hot and super crowded but well worth it. The Little Guy and I went last year and we knew we'd enjoy it more this year if he had his cousins with him. And I was a lucky winner of the online lottery. It was fun. Tuesday I had a follow up with my doctor about my hips. My x-rays and my bloodwork came back fine. Yeah! He wants me to take Calcium, Vitamin D, and Glucosamine for a while and see how that goes. Glucosamine is very expensive, let me tell you. I was surprised. I bought the store brand and it was still almost $40 for 120 vitamins. Oh well, I'm willing to try it if it will help my pain. I started out with a sore throat on Sunday then it got progressively worse. I figured it was allergies because I felt ok, just tired. I started coughing Wednesday. It became a real problem by Thursday night. I decided to see the doctor Friday. He said it's a virus and to take cough medicine. It was the same if not worse all weekend. I had to go sleep on the couch because I was keeping BJ awake. That took away from our morning snuggle time that we like so much on the weekends but at least he was able to get some sleep. And wouldn't you know that he started feeling bad yesterday afternoon and now he's home sick. He is much worse than I was because he was running a fever during the night and this morning. I'm glad he's home resting but I feel awful for getting him sick. We had to take the Little Guy to get his baseball pictures done Saturday and his first game is tonight! I have adjusted my work schedule to leave 30 minutes early so I can make it on time.

There's more to update but I will take things one step at a time. I have picked up a few more followers and I feel terrible for not giving them something to read. Not that my readers just sit around waiting for my next post with baited breath, but you know what I mean. I get disappointed when the people I read don't update often enough for me. :-) Not that I think my life is so interesting...but I think you get the point. Anyway....

I hope to catch up with everyone this week so you may want to check for comments on old posts because I'll be making my way through everything.


Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

We DO wait with baited breath!! :)

No apologies needed, we all wax and wane on our posting, sometimes life gets in the way. Sending you super duper catch-those-eggies vibes, it sounds to me like you did O more than one egg because the added progesterone from an additional corpus luteum would raise your temps a bit. Best of luck, keep us updated on IPS!

Mel. said...

I'm keeping my FX for you, hope the Clomid did the trick! The Easter Egg roll sounds great!!

Pie said...

Of course I'm waiting, breathless, for your next post! I'm trying to be better about posting more often too- its hard to keep up sometimes. No worries!

How cool you went to the White House for the egg roll! Did you see the president or the Obama girls? Very cool!!