Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Thank you to all of you that responded to my last post! What a wonderful group of readers (and lurkers) I have. You all gave me some very good advice and I appreciate every bit of it. I called a salon to ask about their procedure (but forgot to ask about what kind of wax they use) and was reassured by everything I was told. I was going to go for it but then was shut down because she said that the hair had to be at least 1/4 inch long. Wow...I wasn't expecting that. I'm still going to go through with it. I know it will hurt and unfortunately I hadn't thought about being red and puffy like when people get their eyebrows done. But nonetheless, I'm going to do it. I told BJ about my "landscaping" plan and he was on board until he heard how long the hair has to be. :-) So the plan is to clean myself up right before AF shows up and then let it grow while she is in town and then when she leaves, go to the salon (and hold my breath and maybe cry and scream) and get things taken care of. I need to find out what kind of wax they use there and if they don't use sugar or dry wax then I will see if there is another local place I can go to. Thanks again for all your help with my landscaping ideas! I knew I could count on you guys.

The TTC landscape doesn't look so good this month. I say that because I have no idea what my body is doing this month. Remember, I'm taking a sort of break this cycle....no temping or POAS of the opk kind. I had one instance of EWCM on Saturday afternoon, CD9. I felt pretty good about it because that is a good day to start seeing fertility signs. BJ and I did our thing Saturday night. I figured I'd be ovulating on CD12 or CD13, like usual. Sunday afternoon I started feeling my left ovary pinching. That would be CD10...again. I ovulated on CD10 a couple of cycles ago. Unbelievable....but at least we got in some BD'ing Saturday night, right? Well then I started feeling the pinching on my right ovary. And while I know it's possible to ovulate from both ovaries without medication, it's never happened to me (as far as I can tell) so then I figured that I wasn't feeling the right kind of ovulation pains and that it must be something else. Bottom line, I don't know if I ovulated or not. I felt a few twinges again yesterday and some pretty sharp ones this morning. I'm going to try to seduce the husband tonight just in case I haven't O'd yet and will actually spit that egg out tomorrow...like usual. Keep your fingers crossed.

The landscaping at our house is at a stale mate. We were the first people (of the new houses) to move in and so far, we are the last to get our landscape package. We found out on Friday that the couple that moved in in March got theirs done. BJ was on the phone asap. We just want things done. We don't like to be pests but we want our shrubbery already! The grass is filling in but our house looks so bare without the little flower garden. Plus, I want to plant flowers to really make our house look nice..and give me something to nurture and watch grow, since I'm having such a hard time trying to produce offspring to nurture and watch grow. A message was left to let us know that we are on the schedule for "this week"...whatever. We've been on the schedule for about 3 weeks now. Hopefully when I call BJ this afternoon he will have great news for me.

The get away landscape is looking great! We booked our hotel in Ocean City for Sunday night and will be heading up Sunday morning. We are staying at a place that we have stayed at before. It's nothing fancy but it's ocean front with a balcony and that is important to us. Plus, it's less than $100 with tax. Woo hoo! We are watching the weather closely and are pleased that there is no rain in the forecast. However, the high temperatures are slowly falling into the low 60's. We want to walk the boardwalk and with the ocean breeze it will be quite chilly. As long as there is no rain, we will just bundle up a little bit. Plus, we have each other to keep us warm, right?


Alex said...

Great update. Sounds like all kinds of fun in your life! The get away sounds fabulous. Hope you catch that o this month!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, have fun in Ocean City! All this time we've lived here, and I've only been once (for my birthday 6 years ago - right at the start of Operation Make a Baby). We get scared off by the traffic, or we'd go more often.
I hope you're waxing adventure goes well!