Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happiness Is...

- almost falling asleep outside on the patio after eating my lunch at work. The weather is perfect for just lounging in the sun and with a full belly and listening to the birds sing...I was almost out. I even did the head bob thing a couple of times before I decided that it was best to come back in and get to work.

- surviving the Little Guy's first baseball game. It was torture to say the least but we made it through without too much drama. T-ball was more exciting. They do things differently in this league. They use a manual machine (oxy moron) and they only use 1 game ball and kids actually only get 3 strikes. In pitching machine at our old location, they used a powered machine like at the batting cages and kids got 5 pitches. It was ball after ball and then throw them all back to the guy feeding the machine after a hit or a strike out. Not so with this league. We were there for 2 full hours...and it got dark and cold and I was starving. But like I said...we made it through!

- scheduling some sexy time with the husband tonight. I've been sick with a cold and allergies and he's been sick so we haven't done anything in over a week! But we scheduled some time tonight...during intermission of the hockey game! :-)

- rockin' the red for playoff hockey tonight!! I'm so excited to see how we do in the playoffs this year. I get so nervous and scared each year. And with good reason. We have such a good team (the BEST team in the league this year) but we always come up short in the playoffs...I'm hoping that changes this year.

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Anonymous said...

Love it - scheduling 'time' during intermission from the hockey game!