Monday, September 28, 2009

CD8 - I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Weekend stuff later....for now, I want to concentrate all my energies to getting an LH surge and ovulating. Today is CD8 and I'm starting to show signs of impending ovulation. Well, if you don't count my crazy temps (98.0 today) I'm getting close to ovulating. I started having the watery CM last night. I will start my opk's tomorrow. There are so many rules about these things.

Don't use FMU
Don't drink for 2 hours
Don't pee for 2-3 hours
Test between 10:00 and 3:00
Don't pee on your hand
Don't overflow the cup
Don't knock the cup off the counter after dipping your opk strip

Ok, well I made the last 3 up but still. I'm going to attempt to test at work tomorrow. I usually drink a bottle of water between 8:30 and 9:30. I'm hoping that I can hold everything until 10:30. But I'm usually in the bathroom by 9:45 going like a race horse. It should be interesting, too since I need to carry the cup with me down the hall to the bathroom. I hope I don't miss the cup. The cups are so small and my stream (tmi) goes every which way sometimes. Ugh...not a fun prospect. But I'm up for the battle! I'm going to pinpoint ovulation this month if it's the last thing I do! See, I'm a trooper.

Our weekend was nice. We went to a HUGE furniture warehouse liquidation sale and of course found a wonderful kitchen table. We can't buy anything now because every dime we have that is extra goes into the savings account for our down payment and our washer and dryer. This table will be perfect and I hope they still have it in a couple of months. I'm so picky when it comes to furniture that I can't believe we found a piece that we BOTH liked. It's shaped like a triangle but the sides have a slight arch to them. It comes with 4 chairs and it's the high kind of table. Not as high as a cocktail table but high enough to be higher than your average kitchen table. Our eat in area isn't huge in the new house and this table would fit perfectly. I'm holding out hope that they still have it when we want it.

Yesterday we went by the house since no workers would be there. We had a blast walking around and seeing all the rooms and trying to figure out where the furniture would go. Looking out our windows at our back yard and dreaming of a pool and grass to play in. When we were upstairs, we went to bedroom #4 and I told the Little Guy that it is a spare bedroom for now and BJ said, "well, if we have a baby it will be in this room". And I said, "yeah, stupid nursery" under my breath. Then the Little Guy wanted to know why he only had 1 window and the baby gets 2 windows. How cute is that? Sibling rivalry when there isn't even a sibling. We explained that his room is about 10 inches bigger and he seemed fine with that. Whew, crisis averted. Although, BJ did tell him that he could choose once everything is done. He still said he wanted the other room. Then BJ said that he'd rather the baby's room be the playroom (closer to the master) until I reminded him how small the playroom is and that I would have a monitor anyway so it didn't matter how far away the nursery was. It's wishful thinking but we just can't help it. We want it so bad. That room is going to haunt me every time I go in it. It SHOULD be the nursery as soon as we move in. My IVF SHOULD have worked. I know I harp on it a lot but it's on my mind a lot and I'm allowed because it's my blog and my rules. (Ok, temper tantrum over). BJ even asked me if his Lyme Disease medicine would mess up his swimmers and make them not good for getting me pregnant. Just the fact that he even thought of that lets me know that it's on his mind, too. Sometimes I wonder because he never really talks about it and just sort of seems non-chalant (I know that is spelled wrong) when my period starts. But he's a guy so I guess that's to be expected.

I'm still going to temp and I'm starting my opk's tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some BD'ing in tonight and then again (at least once) Thursday through Saturday. We have the Little Guy again this weekend. It's more difficult to do stuff after he goes to bed in this rental house as our bedroom shares a wall with his. If we wait until we are sure he's asleep we are too tired to muster the energy. Why does baby making have to be so complicated?

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NoodleGirl said...

We're potentially in sync for O, TeeJay! Shall we hope that the planets align and we both get a miracle, sticky, healthy BFP?

Your house sounds wonderful as does the kitchen table! I hope it's still around when you're ready!