Friday, September 25, 2009

CD5 - Another Whacky Temp

Thank you ladies (you know who you are) for the thoughts and prayers for my sister and SIL. I'm going to need some prayers for my sanity when it comes time for my sister's surgery.

And thank you for helping me stabilize my crazy mind about the things my body is doing. I'm always over analyzing every little thing.

That leads me to my temp this morning. 98.3....WTH? I woke up a few times during the night but was right back to sleep. I took my temp at the regular time. I'm not sure what's going on. Now I hear this little voice in the back of my head....I'm sure you can all imagine what it's saying to me...

"maybe you're really pregnant" "your temps the last 2 days have been above your original cover line"

SHUT UP! I had a period, yes it was light, but it was a period. My temp dropped, I got a headache and I bled...ENOUGH! :-)

You know how we infertiles are...always searching for the next pregnancy symptom...always looking for that miracle COULD be just around the corner, you know.

What I DO know is that I'm not body has just not been the same since my IVF cycle. I'm not used to that. I'm so regular, it's scary. And now I'm not...and that is even more scary to me. Did I mess something up? Am I even LESS likely to get pregnant on my own now?


Sometimes I think it's just too much. I just want to be one of those girls that just happens to look at the calendar and realize that her period is late and rush out to buy a test and gets the shock of her life. But that is not me. That is not my reality. So I will just sit here and wait to see what happens with my temp tomorrow morning.

And of course it rained for a good portion of the morning so I doubt they worked on our house today. They were supposed to get the roof trusses done today and maybe even the plywood. BJ will check on his way home to see if we got lucky and they worked in the sprinkles.


Pie said...

I'm sorry you are stressing. I do think IVF hormones puts our bodies off for awhile. I think it differs on how long from person to person. And I wish we were both one of those naive girls that didn't even track her period and then realized she's late. Wouldn't that be nice? Sigh...

Anonymous said...

I've often day-dreamed about how many fun ways I could tell DH (and friends & family) the good news if everything had happened the way it is 'supposed to' happen. At least (thanks to the ALI blogosphere) we know we aren't alone.

Sorry your temps are wacky.

Anonymous said...

Hmm..that is strange. You'd think this many days into your cycle you'd have lowered temps by now.
Sorry your temps are giving you trouble :(.