Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CD9 - I'd Forget My Head....

I can't believe I walked out of the house today without my opk's. I'm such a blond sometimes. I pulled them out of the box this morning, turned the packages so they all faced the same way (I'm a little ocd that way) and for the life of me I can't remember where I set them down. They are either in my bathroom on the counter, which is fine because the Little Guy will have no reason to go up there. Or they are on the kitchen counter. I know where they AREN'T...here at work with me. I saved up my "sample" and was so proud that I waited until 11:30 to go to the bathroom. Then it hit me...I DON'T HAVE THEM WITH ME. Doh! I checked my bag, not there. I checked my purse, not there. I checked my pockets, not there. Damn it. One of two scenarios will play out:

1) BJ saw them on the kitchen counter and put them somewhere that the Little Guy won't see them.
2) The Little Guy will come bounding in the door through the kitchen and will pick them up and try to say "ovulation" and proceed to ask BJ, "what are THESE?"

Great. Let's hope it's scenario number 1 or at least that I left them upstairs in the bathroom. I'm suffering from CRS (Can't Remember Shit) and I have no idea where they went after I so neatly straightened them out.

I had some more creamy/watery cm last night and this morning and now I have to wait to test until I get home. I'm sure that we haven't missed anything. I was only a day early last cycle and today is only CD9. I just wanted to get used to testing. Plus, I figured out a good way to hide what I'm doing at work. I decided not to bring my little cups and just use the coffee cups provided here at work. I was going to take 2 cups to the bathroom (stacked together) and then after the "process" just take the left over cup down to the coffee machine for some hot water. No one would realize that I had 2 cups when I went in and only 1 when I came out.

Murphy's law I guess.


NoodleGirl said...

Oh, nice black ops decisions with the coffee cups! I'm sorry you forgot the OPKs, that's so something I would do. Are you going to take your sample home and check then? Also, even if Little Guy saw them and read "Ovulation" I don't think it would stick with him but be repeated anywhere.

I hope you can catch that OPK+ later today!

Anonymous said...

That is a very sneaky way to test at work! There is no way to sneak anything into the bathroom at my work - and it's right by our lobby and demo and conference rooms, so you're in full view of EVERYONE. Awful.