Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our New House

Yes, a double post today. I had to get some things off my chest and I felt it was inappropriate to post these things together. So....

I have attached some pictures of our new home site. The framing should start next Thursday. Apparently it takes a while for inspectors to come out and do their thing so that the builders can move on to backfilling and framing. But we are still on schedule and will be doing our electrical walk on 10/8. That is where we place our phone jacks, cable jacks, Internet jacks etc.

This first set of pictures is what the lot looked like when we picked it.

This is what it looked like on 8/29:

Here are the workers pouring the footers for our foundation on 9/1:

Here are the forms for the basement walls: (I know, very exciting stuff)

Ta daaa! We have a basement! This was on 9/3...they moved really fast:

And now we are in a waiting pattern but should be moving again Thursday of next week. Sounds good to me.


Pie said...

It is very exciting! I love to see pics like that, the progression from land, to level, to basement! It'll be a house before you know it. And all of those lovely mature tress in the back, how beautiful!

TeeJay said...

Thanks, Pie! Yes, we are very excited. Now if it would just stop raining so they can stay on schedule. :-)

TeeJay said...

I had a request for this, so I'm posting here in case the e-mail didn't go through. It's the opk strips I ordered.