Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I just checked on my OPK strips...yes they shipped...but from Washington. They won't be here before I need them. Darn IT and darn ME for waiting so long to order them. Oh well.

BJ called me at work yesterday and out of the blue as we are talking he exclaims, "I want". Well, of course I giggled like a school girl and we proceeded to play the game of how would we do it at my work (and where) if we could. It was cute and funny and really gets the mind wandering. And it's nice to know that after almost 4 years of having sex with me he still wants to. :-) Of course it didn't happen at my work but we managed to squeeze in some time for it after Hell's Kitchen and at the very beginning of Shaq Vs. This is one of BJ's new favorite shows so we had to be fast. Ahhh the romance.

BJ has been having back pain on and off for over a year now. He has been to the doctor twice for it and has had an x-ray and nothing was found. The doctor asked him to get blood work done TWICE. He didn't. His shoulder has been hurting him for about 2 weeks now. He decided to finally go to the doctor because it was interfering with his work out. The doctor asked him if he was really going to get the blood work done this time. He promised he would. We got the results back yesterday. His cholesterol is a little high at 130 and he has Lyme Disease. Great. I don't know a lot about LD except that it messes with your joints and can cause some neurological issues. I feel badly for BJ because he's only 36 (will be 37 in a couple of weeks) and now he has to live with this for the rest of his life. He already has aches and pains and now he might even have more painful episodes. He has a friend that has it and they spoke yesterday. Of course nothing the friend said was positive. I know there are many worse things to have than LD, but right now I want to feel bad for my husband. It will never go away. He will be on Doxicyclene for 2 weeks. The drug he couldn't tolerate back in November when we first went to the RE and we both had to take it. I hope he does better this time. And here is the selfish me wondering how the drug and the disease will affect his swimmers. I need to look into it. If anyone knows if it will cause a problem I'd love for some insight on this.

I went by the new house yesterday after work and they were finishing up pouring and leveling the concrete walls of the basement. WOW! I forgot to bring my USB for my camera so I can't post any pictures yet. Shucks. I will have to remember that for tomorrow. I plan on going by again today because they are supposed to have the whole basement poured. Exciting stuff, I tell ya.

We were laying in bed watching Friends last night (one of my all time faves) and it was the episode where Phoebe finds out that she's pg with her brother's baby(ies). When she came out of the bathroom and announced it, I got goosebumps. I do every time. I told BJ and he said, "yeah, because it should have been you." And then he proceeded to ask me when I thought I might ovulate. I told him it would probably be this weekend. Hopefully I didn't jinx any babymaking fun by telling him the truth. Maybe I should have said Monday or Tuesday of next week...Nah. I'm sure it will be fine. Yeah, right. Now it's in his head that we have to do it this weekend. But the good thing is that we did it last night so I'm hoping he'll be good and ready for some on Friday or Saturday. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Lyme disease! That's awful :(. I think there is a yahoo group that deals with nutritional ways to deal with lyme disease, but I don't know how it affects swimmers.

I love Friends too :). I do a marathon every year or so. The only thing about that episode that bugs me is that she has the embryos transferred and gets a BFP the same day! I guess they don't really do 2ww's in TV land :).

Pie said...

I'm so sorry about the Lyme Disease diagnosis. I know it affects people differently, but don't know anything about fertility. Can you ask his doc about that?

And I can't wait to see pics of the soon-to-be house. It's so excited to watch big projects like that progress.

NoodleGirl said...

Oh TeeJay - Lyme Disease, oof! How unexpected! I just took a Microbiology class over the summer and we talked alot about LD. It's very treatable and if BJ is a good boy and can tolerate the Doxi, he should be able to kick it fairly easily. Though the aches and pains can persist for a while, depending on how long he's had it pre-diagnosis. Yes, it could be alot worse, but still a bummer!

As for your new basement, find that USB cable! I wanna see the pix! :)

TeeJay said...

Thanks ladies!
Callmemama - I agree about the BFP the same day as transfer...crazy. I will check into the yahoo thing. Not that I'll get him to change his eating habits, but information is power!
Pie - He has to go back in 2 weeks after he finishes the meds so I'll ask him to check in with the doc on that. It probably didn't occur to him. :-)
NoodleGirl - We don't know how long he has had it because he can't remember the last time he pulled a tick off of him. Hopefully he'll feel better soon on the meds.
I will try really hard to remember my cable tomorrow...I have lots of people to share these photos with!

Joanne said...

Hi Your post came up on my Google Alerts for Lyme Disease.
It can be grim if not caught in the first few weeks and it sounds like he has had it some time.
There is a huge controversy over diagnosis and treatment and so it is important that you have a good read of ILADS guidelines. Most main stream doctors will just give a two week course of Doxy and then say that on going symptoms are the 'Aches and pains of ordinary life' or 'all in your head' When they get so bad you can't function you know it is not. It can be an insidious disease and afect over a long time every organ and system in the body so he is lucky he has a diagnosis all he needs to do is be sure to get the right treatment.
It does not have to be Doxy if he can't tolerate there are other antibiotics but a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor is probably the best to advise.

Pop over to my blog and you will see many links into Lyme related researcg and info on top right of my blog and my lyme story bottom right. Adequate treatment now could prevent years of chronic ill health. I wish I'd know you could get Lyme in the UK and someone had nagged me about treatment.

Good luck with his treatment.

TeeJay said...

Thanks Joanne...I'm going over to your blog now. He is actually going to be on the Doxy for 30 days. We are going to see how it treats him over the next few to see if he needs to change meds. Thanks again and I will be visiting your blog!