Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Box of Goodies

I received my order of meds from Freedom yesterday. It was delivered in a small box...nothing like the size of the box when one is undergoing IVF treatments. After all, we are only suppressing my body and then building a lining. And then supporting a pregnancy! There’s no need for all the follicle stimulating drugs.

The one thing about this box of meds that has me on edge is that I will be doing PIO this time. As I was going through my IVFs I didn’t do those shots. I was on the 3 a day suppository protocol. However, since my body is not ovulating and creating any progesterone on its own, I have to do these shots. I’m really scared about it. The needles are huge. They are not just long but also very thick. It’s more like a trigger shot needle. I know it needs to be that long because it’s an intramuscular shot. I’m very intimidated by this process. Not only that, but BJ is really not keen on administering such a shot. The anxiety the man felt for our trigger shots was palpable, to say the least. I can only imagine how he’ll be knowing he has to shoot me up each day for possibly (HOPEFULLY) weeks. I guess I could do them myself if he opts out. I’ve read about plenty of women having to administer their PIO shots to themselves for any number of reasons so I think I could get by.

The other thing about the PIO protocol that scares the beegeezus out of me...the pain, bruising and lumps that are left behind afterward. I’ve never really heard anything good about PIO shots. Everything I read is bad, bad, bad. Some people use an ice pack first or after. Others use a warm compress before and/or after. Some people massage the area. Some people writhe in pain and suffer huge knots and lumps and bruises on their backsides. *sigh* Of course, I will do anything at this point to give any embryos a chance to survive and thrive...but I’m not too proud to admit that I’m scared of these shots on so many levels.

Another item in my box that caused me a little pause is my estrogen shots. They, too, have really long needles and are given intramuscularly. However, I’ve not heard anything really bad about any side effects or after effects of this injection. Plus, it’s only every 3 days...how cool is that?

The Lupron looked like a piece of cake after viewing the needles for the other injections. I remember the Lupron well...no real bad side effects that I can recall so I’m not worried. Although, I’m going to be on a higher dose this time. I’m going to be taking 20 units each morning and I’m pretty sure that is more than I took with my IVFs. I’m not very worried about the Lupron at this stage. I’ll just have to wait and see how it affects me.

Our consents have been signed and notarized and will be delivered to the clinic at my appointment tomorrow with Dr. M. I should make a list of any questions that I have but right now I can’t think of anything. I’m just hoping that nothing gets delayed and that everyone stays on track and that the donor remembers how important it is to take her meds like clockwork. She only has money riding on this...I have my future happiness at stake. Well, me and the other 2 recipients have that in common, don’t we?

I forgot that when I come off the bcp I’ll have another period so I guess I haven’t seen the last of AF just yet. She should be pretty light this time around since I’ll be on Lupron and have been on bcp for over 2 cycles now with no break this last cycle.

Ten days, people! Ten days until I start Lupron and the cycle officially begins for us! Please, oh please let everything stay on track!!


Augusta said...

I'm nervous about the PIO shots too. I took the progesterone vaginally during our last DE cycle and pregnancy. I'll be eager to read how it goes for you.

We had to do the deles.trogen shot for our mock cycle with the US clinic. Mr. A administered them every 3 days and it went very well (it actually didn't hurt too much at all). Actually, when we visited the clinic in January, the nurse had him practice giving me the injection with saline). Maybe that's an option for you and your DH?

I'm really excited for you!

Rebecca said...

Good Luck! The PIO injections aren't all that bad. I did them with my first IVF. I would do them again too if I knew my husband would be home for the administration of the shot.

Pie said...

I think I prefer the PIO to the suppositories - in fact I asked for PIO this FET cycle. So I'm someone who has a good story from PIO! Granted, I freaked out seeing those huge needles again too - but I find a once a day shot sooo much better than 3-4/day goopy, drippy suppositories. I find it much less painful and much easier to inject myself with the PIO too. My DH was very squeamish/uncertain of himself administering my shots, so I just began doing it myself, and honestly, we were both happier for it. So give it a try, and see how it goes.

And my hints for PIO was to warm a heating pad up before you do the shot, do the shot (I never iced or anything, I think that cold just makes the PIO congeal more and hurt more) and rubbed/massaged the area for 2 minutes after injecting, then go sit on that warm heating pad for an episode of House Hunters. I never had any lumps and only minor soreness. I also heard walking up and down the stairs a few times gets the muscle moving and disperses the PIO, which also helps prevent any lumps.

Good luck TeeJay!! 10 freakin' days!!!

Lissie said...

I had no real problems with the PIO as well. I recommend a heating pad after. My doc said it helps to dissipate the oil. Cold after the shot would keep it from being very effective.

Just don't stress too much. The tension is worse than the shots.

someday-soon said...

So exciting! Hope your appointment this morning goes great. I didn't take PIO with my IVF cycle but with my other meds the doc told me to beware of icing before/after because it thickens the medicine and doesn't allow it to disperse once it's injected. It stats to reason that people who ice would then get a big knot. On the flip side I've heard heat does amazing things. I guess that's reasonable since PIO is oil based and the heat would thin it and allow it to disperse easier.

Anonymous said...

I am currently doing PIO for my cycle and for the first time ever am giving my own shots. Watched some youtube video's and just did it. Actually painfree when I do it vs. the hubster. You can do it! Ice for 10 minutes first, quick jab and then heating pad after. It will be worth it in the end.
I hope they gave you two needles for each shot because you need one to draw it up and another to shot yourself up :)

Alex said...

Nothing like a big box of meds to make it all real, is there? I'm so excited for you!!! I didn't love the PIO shots, but they weren't too bad. Hubby did most of them, but he was gone a couple times and I had to do them, which really wasn't too bad. I put ice on first to numb, then jab, then rub for awhile and heating pad. Not too many knots... And it's all worth it!!! :)

EC said...

So exciting! I don't have any advice, but I wanted to wish you good luck!

Nanci said...

When I did the PIO shots, they weren't that bad. I was terrified of them, but I was also willing to do whatever I needed to do. My mom did them for me. She alternated hips each day. It got pretty tender on either side. I never ended up with any knots, but after it was all over and done with and I had to get back into running to distract my mind, IT HURT. From the inside out... But you my dear, will have much better results. I know you will do just fine with whatever you need to do. I am so excited for you!!