Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weight a Minute

No, that’s not a type-o. I actually feel like I’m gaining weight by the minute. Since I started the bcp and the pre-natals, I have gained just over 5 pounds. I swear the scale goes up almost a half a pound a day.

The pre-natals make it difficult to, um, go...if you know what I mean. I took Colace a few times to try and help things along. I started with 1 pill and since it didn’t do anything for me I took 2 the next day. I let a full day go by and took another 2. Granted, I went, but not much. Ewww...I know, tmi. I’ve stopped taking the Colace for now. I’ve seen no benefit of it.

I’ve been on active bcp since February 28. That means that I have not had a cycle since February 26. That’s over 5 weeks since my lining has shed. My uterus can’t even take it anymore as I have started to spot here and there.

Between my belly being full of things it should be getting rid of and my uterine lining trying to break records, I feel exceptionally bloated and full and fat. I have not seen numbers on the scale like this since 2004. My eating habits have not really changed so I know it’s not because I’ve all of a sudden decided to eat everything in sight.

I keep telling my husband that I can’t have a snack with him at night, something we have done for years, because I’m turning into a big fatty. He looks at me and says “you’re probably going to be pregnant soon so who cares if you’re a big fatty?” Nice but not nice. Of course he said it while laughing but it still made me want to smack him. See, the bcp have not stopped making me a crazy lady, either.

I know this is all part of the process and I’m thankful to be going through it, really. I just wish I weren’t such a nut about keeping my weight in check. I feel like I can’t do anything about it right now. I could always exercise more but who has the energy for that after work? They closed our gym at work to make renovations and it won’t open again for another 6 or 8 weeks. I don’t want to starve myself or go on some crazy diet as I’m trying to keep myself healthy for an impending transfer. I feel stuck and I hate that feeling. I also hate the feeling of my pants getting tighter and tighter by the day. Ugh.

I have my suppression check Friday morning. If all goes well I can bid these bcp farewell on Sunday. I’ll be able to shed my lining and hopefully that will help. I’m sure the bloat will return with the Lupron but I don’t really remember having many problems with it before so hopefully that trend will continue.

I know this may all sound petty and trivial but my weight has been an issue with me for a very long time and I panic when it goes up this fast. I’ve been able to maintain my weight, within 3 pounds or so, for the last few years of IF treatments so to see such an increase so fast has really left me feeling quite defeated.

Anyway, thanks for listening. Also, thanks for the advice with my PIO shots. I talked to my doctor and he recommended taking a warm wash cloth and wrapping it around the bottle before injecting. He also suggested warming the injection area with a heating pad or hot water bottle beforehand. And finally, massaging the area after the injection. The only thing left to figure out is how to give it to myself because I know BJ is not going to want to do it. I’ll watch some YouTube videos and I should be fine.


Pie said...

Honestly it is probably fluid - water weight, so there isn't much you can do about it, diet or exercise-wise. Which sucks, because your pants are tight regardless of why, but know that now is the time to eat well, and just keep hydrated (which I'm told helps with fluid retention) and don't weigh yourself. Step away from the scale for the next few weeks. Or months.

Maybe some metamucil? i always found colace to work like a charm, but if you really need things to get moving, fiber pills or metamucil should help.

Alex said...

Ugh - the weight gain of IF treatments... I hated that part! I always used metamucil every day. And if things get really backed up, use some milk of magnesia, which is safe during pregnancy. One tablespoon of that at night, and you'll be good in the morning...

someday-soon said...

My guess is that it's the bowel issues...have you tried Milk of Magnesia? It worked for me going through treatments and stuff. It's cheap and works over night. Worth a shot. I bet if you get things going daily that weight will be off in no time.

Augusta said...

You know, pre-natal vitamins usually have lots of iron, and that is known to make people constipated. It sure does a number on me. I can't even take a regular multi with 5mgs of iron; I have to get the kind without ANY iron to be ok in the elimination department. Also, when I did get pregnant with my last DE IVF and took a pre-natal, things were very, very bad in the aforementioned department. So, all this to say, check the iron level and find prenatals with less or no iron in them.

It is quite scary to see the scale all of a sudden keep going up and up, especially when you are not eating differently than normal. I did have a 5lb wt gain during my mock cycle this winter. I attributed it to the lining and fluid retention.

I'm guessing the number on the scale will go back to where it's been when you get your period.

Hang in there Teejay

Kayla said...

Honestly, my husband said the same thing to me. Not to worry about my weight at this stage because you're going to be pregnant sooner than later and then you will get fat! (but for an amazing reason)

Just made me smile that men seem to have the same mentality. <3

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