Thursday, November 5, 2009

8DPO - Getting There...

Thank you everyone for thinking of the Little Guy and wishing him a speedy recovery. A quick update...I took his temp at 6:30 yesterday morning (knowing pretty much that I was keeping him home but he woke up coughing) and it was a bit elevated at 100.3. We gave him medicine and I told him to try and go back to sleep. He slept for 3 hours! I actually checked on him to make sure he was breathing. He got up and was starving with no fever. He had a slight fever in the afternoon but was fine at bedtime. He's coughing and congested but fever free! I'm guessing (like many of you said) that he probably had a reaction to his flu shot and just a regular cold on top of that. He went to school today, which I don't think he was very happy about because who wouldn't want another day of watching cartoons and helping their step-mom figure out her new Cricut? He actually made a card for BJ yesterday with it.

We rode by the new house yesterday to check on progress. They have gotten quite a bit done in the last 3 days. All the drywall was sanded, all the trim and doors have been installed, all the window sills, the top part of the staircase rail and the knee wall had been put on, the chair rail in the dining room was up, the gutters have been hung and the small sidewalk that will lead from the driveway to the porch had been poured. Whew! The best part is that they were taping all the windows while we were there to get ready to PAINT! Unfortunately, BJ won't be able to go by there today so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how it looks. With the time change and it being this time of year I can't get there before dark. Bummer. And if you remember the new neighbors, the husband has been texting BJ all week last week and this week about the progress on his house. He actually sent a message Saturday asking if it was ok that they walk around our house! They have a different model and are using a different builder....why do they need to be in our house? BJ didn't respond because you can't really say "no", right? We have to live next to these people for the next 10 or so years....can't start off badly. But I've got my eye on them.

I am 8dpo today. I'm not feeling anything out of the ordinary. I'm disappointed every time I smoosh my boobs and they aren't the least bit sore. I am however, happy about the fact that my temperatures have been much more stable this cycle. I'm dreading a drop next week but I'm trying not to think about that. I'm trying to stay positive. I'm trying to stay hopeful. It's not easy, but it does me no good to sit here and wallow in self pity before anything negative has even happened, right?

We have seen 2 episodes in the last week of King of Queens dealing with pregnancy and babies. Comedy shows that portray IF struggles really don't do it justice. The first episode was about when Doug and Carrie are trying for a baby and she gets them an appointment with a clinic that tells her (on her first appointment) that one of her ovaries doesn't work so she really only ovulates about every other month. Doug's parents are in town and hi-jinx ensue when they try to BD with them there. The whole time we are watching this, BJ and I are commenting to Doug and Carrie how pointless it is to BD because that's not how people get pregnant. It was rather amusing to us to say the things we were saying, but if anyone on the outside heard us talking so negatively, they might have been a little frightened. I'm sure our bitter tone would not have amused anyone but us. :-) The other episode was last night where Doug is watching a baby while trying to convince Carrie that they need to have one. He's ready, at one point, to give it back and BJ says..."we'll take the baby". Then the baby is crying at 3:00am and Doug's having a hard time and Carrie is snoozing away. I told BJ that "that's the not fun part". And he said, "but you'd take it right now." And I said, "well, duh...of course I'd love to be up that early in the morning trying to sooth my baby back to sleep."

Anyway....the TV does not even come close to getting across the emotional aspects of IF or even the longing for a baby. It's something that no movie could ever portray in a way to really let the audience know how painful it is. Who would want to watch that, anyway? Women crying and moping about, men sitting around talking about morphology and motility numbers...not the stuff good TV is made of. So I will continue to mock movies/shows where women are trying to get pregnant or if they can't, they decide to adopt and then by the end of the season they have their little bundles. It's the happy, funny things that people want to else can we take our minds off of how miserable we are that someone hasn't written us such a nice script?


Lara (NoodleGirl) said...

Oy, TV and IF. Have you been watching Flash Forward? There's a woman on there whose FF is that she is @ 4 months pregnant. And a big deal is made about how she doesn't even want kids and happens to be gay, so how in the world would she have made the big leap from not wanting kids to IUI in a mere 2 months, since the FFs are 6 months in the future? It just kills me how much attention is paid to her non-interest in kids and then the VERY DETAILED sonograms showing every blessed detail of the beautiful, unwanted baby. Sigh.

What drives me even crazier is when TV is WRONG about TTC. Like "one of her ovaries doesn't work so she really only ovulates about every other month". That's WRONG! It's not a game of musical chairs, taking turns. It's whichever ovary happens to have the lead follie that month. For me, it's always the right ovary, so that's always where I ovulate from, every month. Sigh x 2.

SO glad that Lil' Guy is feeling much better. What a relief!

TeeJay said...

Lara, I have been watching FF and I agree. I could post a whole page about how they are making their own FF come true by self fulfilling prophecies..ugh. Anyway, I knew that once she was shot, she would change her mind and want a baby because she would be so grateful to have her uterus saved by the surgery. I'm interested to see how this is going to play out.

And I love it when they take their temps all day and when they hit the "magical" number, it's time to BD...whatever.

C said...

Wonderful to hear that the little man is feeling better and your house sounds like it's coming along well. Strange that the neighbors want to walk through it, though :/

Anonymous said...

Glad the little guy is better! I agree with everyone that TV and IF don't mix. It was the same with Sex and the City. Charlotte was trying for three months when she found out her body was 'attacking Trey's sperm' and then two minutes later she's on injectibles.... and of course, the second she adopts she gets pregnant. Boooooo!