Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stupid Flu Season

BJ just called me. He had to pick the Little Guy up at school because he has a fever (100.7) and isn't feeling good. Sheesh! Like we need one more thing to worry about.

He got his H1N1 shot last week. He got his seasonal flu shot YESTERDAY. Of course, his buddy was diagnosed with the flu the other day (he had gotten the mist a few days earlier) and our niece has the flu. He was around both of these children (and who knows how many more) Friday night and Saturday night.

He has a heart condition and I'm very worried about how the flu would affect him. The last thing he needs is a chest infection.

BJ thought we had some fever reducing kids medicine but we don't so I will be stopping after work to pick some up. The Little Guy hardly ever gets sick and when he does we find that the medicine we have on hand is expired. Ugh!

Please say a little prayer for him that it's not the flu and maybe just a regular winter cold. If the fever doesn't break by morning I will be staying home with him.


Pie said...

Big hugs (well, with a mask on and washing my hands right after) to the Little Guy. Hopefully its just a reaction to the flu shots, a mild thing that will pass soon.

C said...

Hoping it's a mild cold.

Anonymous said...

I hope the little guy is ok!

Anonymous said...

I hope he's okay. Sounds like it might be a reaction to the flu shot?

AplusB said...

Hoping the little one is ok!

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about you...sorry to hear you are dealing with the flu. Wishing little guy a quick recovery.