Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy Weekend

Thank you everyone for your blog template suggestions. I think I like this one for now. It seems easy on the eyes and it's very neutral, like me. :-) Also, thank you for your kind words about our kitchen. I'm a little biased so it's nice to know that others think it looks nice, too. I can't tell you how many episodes of house hunters and designed to sell and sell this house BJ and I have watched and we wonder what the heck people were thinking when they decorated their homes. We stopped by there on Saturday to see what else had been done if anything. They painted! I walked in and my jaw hit the floor. We picked a color called bone white. We had about 6 or 8 shades of white to pick from and took the suggestion of the design lady, Shannon. They painted the trim, doors, chair rail and crown molding a bright white semi gloss. It looks FANTABULOUS! We were worried that we would hate the white walls because we haven't had white walls in about 3 and a half years...not so. The bone white stands out so much next to the trim that we don't feel like we will have to paint right away as we thought. Now, I will be painting the dining room sooner rather than later. That's only because I'm anxious to make it all "formal" and fancy. I won't be going by the new house until Saturday and decided to take pictures then because all the appliances, toilets and light fixtures will be installed so it will be a big change from the last batch of pictures.

So Saturday, we went to see A Christmas Carol. We took the Little Guy. It was a Disney flick but you'd never know it. It was animated so spectacularly that I sometimes forgot that it was a cartoon. There were parts of this movie that disturbed me, let alone all the little kids that were in the theater. Certain scenes were just over the top and very dark for a Disney movie, in my opinion. I enjoyed the movie and understood it and thought they did a great job sticking to the story and the dialect of the period. I just don't think it's for kids. After the movie we hung out at the new house for a while then headed to my SIL's for surprise visit. This turned into a 5 hour visit. It was fun as I got to spend some quality time with the niece and the boys got to play and the 2 men drank themselves a little silly. I've never seen my BIL drunk before. It was interesting to say the least.

We went bowling yesterday. I'm a terrible bowler and I always have been. There's no teaching me. I just do it the way I do it and that's that. BJ hurt his back while we were there so he didn't do very well, either. We didn't get the bumpers since the Little Guy was the only kid with us so he was upset that he kept getting gutter balls. I was the only one that performed well. And when I tell you my scores you might fall out of your seat from laughter, but for me, these are excellent....113, 133, 136. I was looking around for some great high 5's but there weren't any because the boys were so distressed about their own performances. *sigh* The life of a great athlete can be tough. :-)

I feel like I was on the run all weekend so AF being in town didn't affect me too much. She's just about gone today thanks to my new lighter flow and that is always a good thing. I had a few teary moments with the niece because I just so badly want a toddler of my own, but other than that I think I did ok. I even worked out a problem with the Little Guy and his cousins after a ball went wild and struck him in the face. I might actually be good at this parenting thing...if I could just get a real shot at it.

I have a question for all of you that have done IUI's and/or IVF's. What was your partner's swimmer count pre and post wash? My nurse said BJ's numbers were great but I think they were on the low side. He had just over 50 million pre-wash and I think "great" would be over 100 million. But what do I know? Our post wash numbers were 13 million, 18 million and 15 million which still seems low to me. I have been doing some reading on male fertility but since no one has ever said that BJ is a part of the problem, it's been tough to bring it up with him (you know, telling him to cut back the caffeine, don't have the laptop on your lap for so long right before we go to bed for some BD'ing...things like that). I know that I am 90% responsible for our woes, but I honestly think he might be 10% of the issue. He has had 80% motility which I think is fine but his morphology was a little low at 11. They like to see it 14 or above. Any helpful info would be great. You guys are the best and I appreciate all of your feedback!


Kelly said...

Sorry I don't have any info/insight about IUIs or IVF but I did want to say that it sounds like you had a nice weekend. I can't wait to see more house pictures. I LOVE House Hunters. I also love What You Get For the Money on FLN.

Anonymous said...

My dr. told my DH that increasing sperm quality even the slightest bit can help out with my infertility issues, so he put him on a supplement even though his numbers were good (except morph). The idea is that it takes both of you, and if one of you is below par, bringing the other above par will increase the odds. Or something like that :).