Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank You

I would love to thank everyone that left great comments for me after my last post. I really appreciate all of your understanding and your thoughts on the matter. My stepmom e-mailed me and basically said that she in no way intended to hurt my feelings and hoped that she hadn't. I responded with a very lengthy e-mail laying out everything for her. From the house to how I wish I could stay home and how I definitely didn't pick "things" over family. I told her how devastating it was when our IVF failed and I realized that I may never have a baby for our 4th bedroom. I told her how this house was FOR my family and not in PLACE of my family. I went on for quite a while, actually. She then responded to let me know that she got my e-mail but wanted to take some time and think about her reply before she sent anything back to me. I haven't heard from her yet.

It's a very tough time of year for my family. Friday was the 3-year anniversary of my brother's death. I'm not ready to share that story yet. It makes me very sad and I don't want to always write about sad things so I avoided my blog (and most of yours, too) for the last week. Now I am paying the price. I have over 50 entries to get caught up on and and it's ICLW to top it off. Good thing the boss is out this week.

Thank you again (newbies included) for your responses. I love my stepmom dearly and I'm sure this will pass. After all, there isn't even a baby to worry about yet. Seems silly to be dwelling on what may be a choice I never have to make. Or as the Com.cast guy would say in one of the funnier commercials..."seems dumb".

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Anonymous said...

I am really sorry about your brother, hon.

I hope you and your step mom work everything out.