Thursday, August 6, 2009

Options and Upgrades

BJ and I had our first design meeting Tuesday afternoon for our new house. This is where we sit down with the designer and go over everything we want in the house, any changes or upgrades we want and make our selections on anything from flooring to our kitchen faucet. Very overwhelming to say the least. The only decisions I've ever made about a house are what color to paint. And by the way, builders don't paint "colors". They have about 8 shades of white to choose from. Colors are optional.

The whole time we are looking at the layout my eyes keep drifting over to bedroom #4. I can't help but think about how it will just be a spare room now or maybe an exercise room. I almost asked if we could knock down the wall between the master and this room and make a bigger closet. I kept quiet and kept making decisions.

We hate our cabinets. They are the blandest oak. However, changing them in the slightest is an upgrade. We opted to just add crown moulding at the top to give it a more finished look. We decided to dress them up with nice hardware at a later date. We also hate the vinyl flooring for the kitchen. If BJ can work a good discount through his workplace then we will have hardwood but if not we are stuck with ugly, fake looking stone tiles. Why can't they have a solid color of some sort? Why does everything have to look like fake stone tiles? Anything nicer was an upgrade.

"When do I get to upgrade my eggs?" That's the question I really wanted to ask. chirp chirp chirp....can you hear the crickets in the room? Anyway, we made all of our selections and thanks to BJ's colorblindness I get to have my cranberry colored front door! He said it looked nice but I know he can't fully appreciate it's beauty. It will be my little secret.

We did some BD'ing last night even though I got a negative on my OPK again. Today is CD13 and I should be ovulating. But things aren't really the way they should be lately because really, I SHOULD be pregnant. I took another OPK about an hour ago and it was negative too. However, I finally have some fertile CM! Yay for small victories. I will test again when I get home but I have a feeling we'll be able to skip tonight and have some fun tomorrow night when we are home alone. The Little Guy will be with his mother this weekend. I'm hoping to get a negative tonight because I want at least 1 day for the swimmers to stock up. We'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Morning - Sounds like you are feeling a bit more positive. I think that whole OPK thing is a racket and am convinced that the ones I used for 2+ years had mood swings (dark lines when they were in a good mood, nothing/no lines when they were mocking). I know that makes me sound a bit nuts, but sometimes it's the little things. As a lifelong renter, we've had quite a bit of fake looking stone tiles in our life...Have a good weekend!

Pie said...

I hope there was at least a little fun in the business of nookie this weekend. But I totally get what you mean, being on the TTC schedule takes the romance and spontaneity out of it.

And those OPK drive me crazy too, I never know if the line is dark enough, or if my pee is not concentrated enough, or if...well you get the idea. I think CM is a very good indicator. So go with it!

TeeJay said...

Gracie - I think you are right about those opk's. I don't think I can trust anything about them.

Pie - yes, we actually did get a little nookie in but I don't know if it was "productive" or not as it was very late in my cycle, but I guess we'll see. I'm getting ready to post an update on the happenings.

Thanks for the comments ladies!