Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Bit Disconnected

We moved over the weekend, my laptop died and I missed Monday and Tuesday of work because of moving/cleaning/organizing and closing on my house. My first day back at work was yesterday and I had almost 30 new blog entries to read. I've gotten through most of them and unfortunately I haven't responded to them because they are "old news" now. I feel badly about that. It's always nice to know that someone is reading and responding. I will eventually catch up with everyone. I hate not having the Internet at home. Well, we have it but the laptop died while we were trying to "install" it. DAMN. Trying to figure out when I can get the brother-in-law to check it out. The stupid thing won't even boot up. It's terrible to be that disconnected from everything.

We are all moved in (aside from the storage unit that will get emptied this weekend or next) and I must say that I am battered, bruised, beaten and exhausted. We used a delivery truck from BJ's work. There was no ramp so I, being all of 5'2'', had to climb up and down for 2 days. I packed my truck up 2 or 3 times. I'm the type of person that has to have a house "livable" right away. I unpacked like a maniac Saturday and Sunday and Monday. BJ just wanted to unpack whatever he needed for the next day. I can't do that. I had to clean BOTH places. Luckily, our house was no where near as filthy as the rental. It was disgusting and I hate other people's "ick". I can deal with my own but I draw the line with strangers. My poor cat is finally starting to act like herself. She's 8 and has lived in that house for 7 years. She's high anxiety about being in her carrier so the 35 minute ride was lots of fun. She was moaning and crying and then she soiled herself. It was terrible. It was 90 degrees and humid and I had to have the windows down to avoid hurling out the window from the smell. But she's much better now and I anticipate that she'll be fully back to normal by next week.

I bought tickets for the PowerBall. When I told BJ about it his response was comforting but sad at the same time. Whenever we talk about winning the lottery or some windfall, he usually starts out with a house on the water. Then comes the 10 car garage because he doesn't know what he'll buy first, the Harley, the Vette, or the Mustang. Well yesterday the first thing he said about our potential winnings...."We'd definitely have a baby then." My heart swelled and I wanted to cry. I said "yeah, one way or another". And then he said "we'd have enough money that I would tell the doctor if he didn't get you pregnant that I'd pay to have his head on a stick". It was really sweet. To know that a baby is the first thing he thought of really touched me.

Speaking of babies...I'm on CD27 today. I've had the chocolate cravings, the slight moodiness (mainly sappiness) and some twinges/pinches in the lower abdomen. Tuesday evening I saw the beginnings of spotting. I've hardly seen any since then. There was a little last night but nothing so far today. I'm not sure I would even call it spotting as it's more like mocha colored CM. I don't know when the period will come but I know it's on the way. I just wish it would hurry up and get here so that I can start temping and charting properly.


Pie said...

Congrats on the move! I hate moving, it is so stressful, but it is always worth it after the last box is unpacked.

Anonymous said...

Moving is hard! I, unfortunately, am one of those that gets overwhelmed at the sheer number of boxes and can't seem to get anything unpacked for weeks. 3-6 months is my record so far for getting things all put away :).