Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My ER Visit

I still don't have Internet at home...stupid laptop for dying. My only access is at work and that sucks.

Saturday evening I got a headache of the "my progesterone has dropped and my period is getting ready to start" variety. Still no spotting, though. On Sunday around 6:30 or so I got up off the couch (after a nice nap with BJ) and felt like I got up too fast. You know that feeling in your head...a little dizzy a bit wobbly...then it goes away. Well, it didn't go away. I started feeling a strange pressure in the back of my head. It didn't hurt to touch, but when I tried to sit back and put my head back on the couch, it was very uncomfortable and I felt dizzy. BJ suggested a walk outside to see how I did. I had a few spells of nausea and I still felt very dizzy. This was something I had never felt before. This was definitely not a normal headache. BJ wanted to go to the ER. After about 20 minutes or so, I agreed to go. I hate doing that...especially since I know how long we would be sitting there and it was Sunday and we both had to work Monday morning. But we went.

I explained myself to 3 different people on my way back to a "room". The girl taking care of me did all the neurological tests and I guess I passed them. Then she asked me about medications. I had to get into all the IVF/IUI meds I have been on. She asked if I could be pg and I said that it was possible as I am 3 days late. A beta and other bloodwork was ordered. The young girl that came in to take my blood and start the IV line was pleasant enough...until she had issues with my veins. She tied the rubber hose around my arm and BJ told her that I have small veins so she was warned. She cleaned my arm and then DIDN'T DRY IT OFF before sticking me with the IV line! I yelled because I wasn't expecting it to sting like that. I told her she needed to dry it off because the alcohol stings. She pressed and dug around and finally found the vein. My blood was coming out so slowly that it clotted. I had to be stuck again...in the other arm. She said she wasn't allowed to blow it dry but she would this time. WHATEVER! As if I were asking for special treatment. She found another vein in my left arm. She stuck me and dug and pressed and squeezed! I was tense to say the least. I've had my blood drawn a hundred times in the past 8 months and no one has hurt me this bad. I turned my head away from her and ground my teeth really hard to not yell at her. She pulled it out and said that because I keep moving she can't find it. WTF??? BJ said my arm barely moved. So another lady came in and really worked at getting my vein ready. She found a good one in my forearm....that's new. She stuck me and it was no where near as painful as the young girl. They got my blood and took it away. When the results came back, my potassium was slightly elevated so I had to get an EKG. Mind you, I'm here because I'm having head problems...not heart problems. It comes back fine and the repeat of blood work showed my potassium was fine. I now have a very nasty bruise on my arm.

The lady came in and sat on the bed. Made me very nervous but apparently her feet her just tired. She said that my blood was fine and that my beta was negative...maybe it's too early? I said no, if it's negative now then it's negative. BJ and I were secretly hoping she'd come in with some good news. It was a let down but I knew it would be. That's what I get for letting Hope back in my life. My CT scan was normal, too. We finally got to leave there at midnight with a diagnosis of Vertigo and Paresthesia. I stayed home yesterday but I'm still a bit off today. The neurologist can't see me until 9/17 so I'm trying to get in to see my regular doctor and hope that he sends me for an MRI. Just to be on the safe side. My hospital doesn't have access to MRI machines on the weekend...nice.

My period showed up yesterday morning....no spotting, just showed up. I forgot to take my temp this morning so I have to really try hard to remember tomorrow so that I can see what's going on inside of me and get a sense of what my body is doing or not doing. I need to order some Pre.seed and some ovulation tests, too. Lots to do...so much so that it's making my head spin...oh wait...that's the vertigo. :-)


Anonymous said...

Don't you love it how they diagnose you with the symptoms you TOLD them you had? Vertigo just means dizziness, and parasthesia literally means tingling, burning sensation. Aren't they helpful...

Sorry you ended up in the ER, and got bad news on top of it. Hope you feel better soon!

Pie said...

Oh no! That sounds like a nightmare! I hope the world doesn't keep spinning for you very soon.

Hope said...

I am so sorry you ended up in the ER and that you had an inexperienced nurse drawing your blood. I also have major issues with bad veins, I tell them right out that I want someone with experience to draw my blood. I have been hurt too many times.

I am sorry about the negative.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible experience! I'm so sorry - and that really sucks that you would draw someone so inexperienced for something you have so much experience with - simple bloodwork. Hang in there and rest.