Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hodge Podge

First, let's start with my body. I'm having some slight pinching in the left ovary area. I started having sticky CM yesterday and it has continued to today. I'm on CD20. I broke down and took my last OPK test yesterday morning around 10:00 after "holding" for 4 hours and it guessed it...NEGATIVE. My guess is that I have a cyst. It likes to grow on my left ovary from time to time. Nothing to worry about because I'm not under treatment so it shouldn't be causing any harm, right? My fear is that I'm ovulating now. We haven't done anything since Sunday and today is Thursday. I wish I had started temping this cycle. Lesson learned.

Next, I want to talk about my Dad's e-mail I got this morning. I haven't given much background on my family yet, just the little snippets in my first couple of posts. I will give more back story another day. Today I want to curse thieves. I want to find the people that robbed my Dad's house of EVERYTHING and rip their arms off and beat them with said arms. I got a very sad e-mail this morning (he wrote it at almost 2:00am his time) stating that the garage door had been ripped off and all his tools and everything of value was taken from the home. They were not there, thank goodness. However, I fully believe that the criminals knew the schedule they had been keeping and very carefully planned this heist. My dad has hundreds of for every job imaginable because he is a do-it-yourselfer all the way. They had some very nice TV's in the house. Several computers (and I don't want to think about the info the bad guys now have since they have those computers) and 3 very important guns were taken. My grandfather's war gun, a relic from the Korean War and a little .22 that my Dad has had since he was 11 years old. I haven't spoken to my Dad because he's working right now so I don't know if he filed a police report or not. I don't know if furniture was taken or anything like that. I will find out more later. Right now I want to cry for my Dad. What he has been through in the last 3 years (I'll tell more at a later date) is completely unfair. But this takes the cake. I can't imagine how violated they must feel right now. And to know that some scum bag has been in that house and touching their things makes me sick to my stomach. I'm not a violent person I but I feel like hurting someone right now. Not just anyone...the ones that hurt my Dad and Step-mom. They don't deserve this. They are good, decent people that would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it. It's outrageous that this still goes on in the world. And in the little town they live in to boot. Is there no limit of how we can hurt our fellow humans? Aren't we all just trying to make it in this world? What gives them the right to take from someone else? DAMN THEM STRAIGHT TO HELL. I'd like to send them there myself. Sorry to be so violent but I'm very angry right now. I can't even give them a hug because I live so far away.

Third, we are supposed to give final sign off on our blueprints for the new house today so they can break ground on 8/24. Not going to happen. We want to move the basement bathroom. We have to pick a new finish for the cabinets because our cabinets don't come in the stain we want. We have a meeting at 2:30 today to go over it all. Ugh. I'll be glad once they start building and don't need us to do as much anymore.

Here's to hoping that I just have a cyst right now and that I ovulated (without detecting a surge) on time. At least I would still feel like I'm in the game this month.

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Anonymous said...

If your ovary is hurting, it could be that you have a cyst (or scar tissue on your ovary) and you are getting ready to ovulate. Hopefully it's nothing serious!

I'm so sorry to hear about your father. That is just outrageous what happened - and how horribly violated he must feel to not be able to be safe in his own home, as well as losing all of his stuff. Hopefully the police can track down if anyone tries to sell the items (especially the guns should be easier to track).
Hopefully the meeting with your builder goes well :)