Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting Back on Track....

At least I'm trying to, anyway.

First, I want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Murgdan today!!!! I'm happy beyond belief and I tear up every time I think of you!

My first day of taking my temp was yesterday and I'm pretty sure it was a bust. It was 98.0 and that's high for me first thing in the morning. BJ thinks I'm strange because I had my temp taken at the ER 3 times and it was 97.6, 97.5, and 97.9...he thinks I'm "cold". :-) Anyway...I didn't have a good night sleep nor did I last night and my temp was 97.9 this morning. We will see how the weekend goes so maybe they will even out.

I'm going to order some opk's from the Internet today...along with some pre.seed. Everything should be here next week and just in time. On another note, I'm also ordering BJ a new Bunn coffee maker. His was damaged in the move and his b-day is just around the corner so we decided that the coffee maker would be his present. AND I'm ordering a 16g flash drive for myself...maybe 2. I have thousands of pictures that I need to back up before my computer crashes (not the laptop, pictures are on the desktop) like I just KNOW it will. I'm paranoid.

My period has been very light again, just like last month. I'm grateful but at the same time I'm wondering if my lining is too thin. The cramps were just about normal but the flow was next to nothing compared to a "regular" period, not to mention the Niagara effect the IUI's had on me. Again, I like the lightness but hope that it's not a bad sign of a crappy lining for the future.

BJ and I are probably going to go out tonight. We are going to visit a little bar that he used to hang out at in his younger more alcohol filled days. I am wearing my new jeans and one of the new shirts I got on a shopping spree a few weeks ago. He had gotten me a JCPenney gift card for my b-day in MAY and I hadn't gotten the chance to go shopping. I made out like a bandit, too. I got 5 or 6 shirts, a pair of jeans, 2 other work type pants and 5 new undies for $141!! I LOVE their big Saturday sales...oops, I digress. We are going to watch the 'Skins pre-season game to see how we like it at this bar. It has new owners and a new look so we'll see how we feel. We really enjoy watching football with friends in a fan-friendly atmosphere and it's not easy to find places like that anymore. Since we now live 30 minutes from our old hang out we have to test new things. I'm also going to get my hair washed and blow dried (another gift card left over from Christmas) so I look extra nice. Are you sensing a trend here...I'm cheap or as I like to call myself FRUGAL.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope for more good news from the blogging world!


NoodleGirl said...

Teejay -- I'm just catching up on blogs since being on vacation for the past 2 weeks. I just read about your ER visit, you poor thing! That young nurse should get a spanking!

As for this cycle of yours, my temps never go above 98 either, so it wasn't necessarily a bust! Also, AF is always light for me, but whenever they tested my lining for ART cycles, they always said it looked good and fluffy. Who knows?

Hope the move went great - are we gonna get pix of the new house? ;)

NoodleGirl said...

New blog address btw:


Anonymous said...

My temps are always super low - apparently there are a few possible reasons: hypothyroid, low progesterone, or sleeping with your mouth open :).

We've also been exploring new neighborhood spots lately, but mostly because we are soooo tired of the same ole same ole...

I love buying frugally too - my mom raised us on TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and I hate paying full price for anything :).

Pie said...

Hey, if you got nice stuff that you'll use, it's not just frugal, it's smart! You have a great weekend too!